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Content management

With Showell Admin you can easily manage collateral, users, permissions and track your sales team’s activities and content usage with Showell’s smart analytic tools.

Sales content in one place

Studies show that 65% of reps say they can’t find relevant content, because it’s buried and scattered in multiple places. With Showell, marketing finally has a one tool for storing, managing and distributing sales collateral. Sales reps get automatically the latest presentations, brochures or videos.  You can sleep well knowing that only the latest versions are used in sales meetings and that brand stays in control.


Key Features

With Showell distributing, organizing and managing sales collateral is quick and easy. Smart push-update ensures sales reps get the latest content automatically. Even whey they are not using their devices. Showell supports all common sales and marketing document formats, e.g. PowerPoint, Word, PDF, images, videos.

  • Distribute, organize and manage sales content
  • Control who can access, present and share
  • Send push notifications
  • Track and analyse activity and content usage


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Users and permissions

Showell makes user and group management easy. It also supports connection with your centralized identity management service, e.g. Microsoft's Azure AD. With permission settings you can control access to your collateral and what content is allowed to be shared with customer.

Smart analytics

For the first time you get to see what actually happens in sales meetings. With Showell analytics tools, you get to see, track and analyse things like who are the most and least active users, what content is most popular and how customers react to content shared with them.


Showell provides an easy and quick way to send push-notifications and emails to keep users posted about recent changes to content or other important topics. Sending quick messages to selected group of users has never been easier.

Languages and regions

Showell's multi-account support means that you can have different content, users and structure for different languages, market areas or business units.


Showell integrates with your existing CRM and DAM service e.g. Salesforce, Dynamics, Sharepoint, Dropbox and Google Drive. Showell offers an integration API for connecting Showell with virtually any IT system.

ISO27001 Security and data privacy

Showell offers enterprise-level security by default. Your data is stored in ISO27001 certified, secure and fast cloud. System-wide security has been audited by 3rd party. Showell is GDPR compliant and all data is located in EU.

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Are you spending too much time on trying to your keep sales reps, dealers and stakeholders up-to-date with latest content? We can fix that. The best way to start is to book a live demo and get a guided tour of Showell. Streamlining your sales content management starts now!

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