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Sami SuniAug 20205 min read

The best web conferencing software

After hundreds of virtual sales meetings and many different tools tested we present you our top 3 picks for virtual sales meetings. Not in any particular order. 



Microsoft Teams

Teams have taken over Skype (for business) and its predecessor Lync. It comes as a default in Microsoft 365 package, so for most businesses, there are no extra costs involved. Teams is not just a web conference tool, it’s a communication platform for sharing thoughts, ideas, and documents.

More than a web conference tool 

For web meetings, Teams is pretty straightforward and easy to use. It works great on Windows, Mac, and iOS. And it has a screen sharing feature that works on all platforms. Teams seems to be much more stable than it’s predecessors Skype and Lync were. Teams has it’s own document management tools, but those are not designed for presenting in meetings or sharing content with your customers. Teams comes with a 250 participant limit by default. The overall experience of Teams can be somewhat confusing, as it is much more than just a web conference tool. Users might sometimes get lost, especially if they don’t use Teams on daily basis and are not trained well.

For whom

We recommend Teams meetings for companies who already use Microsoft 365 as it comes with the package. Teams works well for most use. It’s also our choice of a tool if you have lots of meetings with people outside your organization as it is rarely blocked and most business people already have it installed as it comes with other Microsoft tools.

Capterra review score: 4.4/5 (see review)


What we like

  • More stable and better than Skype (and Lync)
  • Rich in features (e.g. record meetings, chat)
  • Seldom blocked by IT (Good for external meetings)
  • Broad meeting hardware support


What don't like

  • Designed more for internal than external meetings
  • Starting ad-hoc meetings (meet now) is cumbersome
  • Complicated and confusing UI
  • Complex administration (users, permissions, rules, security)
  • Microsoft account needed
  • Audio conferences (by phone) cost extra and pricing is complex





Zoom’s reputation is strong and users love it according to reviews. It has the highest Capterra review score of these three and it is seen as a stable and well-performing choice for web conferencing and a good alternative to “old” tools. Of course, stability is something that is not that easily compared to other video conferencing systems, but it’s the foundation of Zoom. Zoom has quickly found its place in the market and loyal customers and advocates.

Basically, Zoom has a feature set that includes, HD video and audio and the ability to get typed transcripts of calls that you record as videos. It considers the needs of people who join calls only occasionally as well as remote teams who connect daily.

Anyone can use Zoom Meeting for free. Small businesses can buy a Pro plan for $14.99 per month per host. Higher priced business (min 10 hosts) and enterprise plans (min. 50 hosts) get plenty of features and add-ons, including company branding and custom URL, single-sign-on, and support for a higher number of participants.

Downsides of Zoom are the recent claims that it has given Facebook info about the video conferences kept with Zoom.

For whom

For any size of company that wants a well-performing, branded web conference tool with lots of features and add-ons. But prepare to pay extra if you already have e.g. Microsoft 365 package which includes Teams or G Suite which includes Google Hangouts Meet. If you’re planning to have lots of meetings with external people, be prepared that sometimes IT department might have blocked it.

Capterra review score: 4.6/5 (see review)


What we like 

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Branding options
  • Lots of features, e.g. polls, whiteboard, etc.
  • Even more features with 3rd party apps (Apps Marketplace)
  • Record meetings
  • Webinars with registration
  • Breakout rooms
  • Broad meeting hardware support
  • Out-of-the-box integrations with e.g. Salesforce, Microsoft 365 and G Suite
  • Join meetings by phone, international toll-free numbers (70+ countries)


What we don't like

  • Sometimes blocked by IT (when you connect with someone outside your organisation)
  • Controversial reputation when it comes to security
  • Time limits for the free plan
  • Expensive for those who already have Microsoft 365 or G Suite in place




Google Meet

Google Hangouts Meet is Google’s video conferencing service for businesses and is provided as part of G Suite. It’s often the first choice for companies who already are part of Google’s ecosystem and use Gmail, Google Calendar, and other G Suite tools. It’s easy-to-use and offers solid call and video quality. There is no free version for businesses, but the cheapest option, Basic, costs only $6 per month per user. More expensive plans, Business, and Enterprise offer more features and a higher number of participants. The business plan has a 150 participant limit and Enterprise can handle up to 250 participants. Meetings can be started ad-hoc or scheduled using Google Calendar.

For whom

We recommend Google Hangouts Meet for companies who already use G Suite as it comes with the package, is easy to use, and offers solid quality and performance. However if you’re planning to have lots of meetings with external people, be prepared that sometimes IT department has blocked it.

Capterra review score: 4.5/5 (see review)


What we like

  • Simple to use
  • Rich in features, especially if you are using the whole G Suite package
  • Join meetings by phone (available in most countries) is free (regular call charges apply)
  • Seamless integration with other Google apps
  • Broad meeting hardware support
  • Low cost


What we don't like

  • G Suite needed
  • Only one person can share a screen at a time
  • Sometimes blocked by IT (when you connect with someone outside your organization)
  • Random problems with lost audio and screen sharing not working
  • Record meetings only available in enterprise edition



What else is out there

If you want to have a look at the other options out there, there are plenty to choose from:

Master remote selling with Showell

No matter which web conference tool you’re using, you take your virtual meetings to a whole new level with Showell. Each tool allows you to smoothly share the screen to show any presentations, documents, and pictures you have in your Showell account. After the meeting, you can share a personalized and relevant set of content with your customer – and even track when they open and read it. 


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