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Sami Suni Sep 2017 3 min read

Create trust with a good sales presentation

Eliminating or reducing a buyer’s fear is one of the most important tasks for any seller. If the seller isn’t already familiar with the buyer then there are always more risks associated with a meeting situation. Good sales presentation creates trust and helps to reduce buyers' fears and concerns about making mistakes.

Sales is a Game of Trust

For example, a buyer might have such a strong fear of failing in front of their own organization that they will try to find something about the seller, product, or sales material that could justify this fear. If they find something, no deal is made. In this guide, I will take you through five sales material points of which good sales presentations are made of.

1. Branded visuals

During a sales meeting, one of the most important tasks for a seller is to eliminate or at least reduce a prospect's concerns associated with the sold product or service. If a seller isn’t already familiar with the buyer, a feeling of risk and fear of failure will easily play a role in the sales meeting. Nobody wants to make fatal mistakes and investing in a mistake is always an expensive cost for a buyer or even a fatal cost for the decision-maker. Many buyers will try their hardest to find something in a seller, product, or sales content that could justify this fear of making a mistake e.g. inviting a seller with a poor sales presentation.

Sales Content should always be in line with a seller’s message whether spoken or unspoken. Content must also live up to a buyer’s impression of the seller’s company. This will naturally happen when a seller simply has branded sales materials, thereby raising the quality of the presentation material to an acceptable standard.

If during a presentation, a seller has to skip over irrelevant slides, the buyer won’t necessarily experience the feeling of importance

2. Targeted content

Branded content is important. However, this does not mean that sales materials need to be the same for all sales reps. It also doesn’t mean that a seller needs to show the same presentation to everyone. A presentation must focus on addressing the requirements and needs of the buyer. A seller has to be one with sales materials; meaning the sales material has to be the kind that gets the seller excited and the kind the seller could confidently shake on. On the other hand, sales presentation material should be targeted to the needs and questions of the buyer as much as possible in order for the buyer to feel that the seller understands their needs. If during a presentation, the seller has to skip through irrelevant slideshows, the buyer won’t necessarily experience the feeling of importance.

With the help of Showell, it’s easy to combine ready-made presentations, brochures, datasheets, videos, and images into one presentation. Read more about tailoring your presentations with Showell.

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3. Eye-catching looks

According to a study done at Princeton University, a hard-to-read font stays in a person’s mind for longer because understanding what it reads requires more participation from the reader. On the other hand, the text should be short enough so that the reader doesn’t give up reading altogether.

The same study mentioned earlier tried cursive Monotype Corsiva and Pacifico. Try using this when making a presentation e.g. in a subheading or contact information text, keeping in mind your company’s unified style.

4. KISS (keep-it-simple-stupid)

A good presentation should be made as simple as possible but (as the saying goes) not simpler. In a good presentation, every part should be so important that nothing can be left out. So important, that if any part is taken away, the presentation will suffer dramatically. Useless things take away the listeners' or viewers' attention from important things.

5. You're not the star

A good presentation is a two-way dialog. Activating a listener will help them accept things said to them. For example, you could estimate the final price with a customer by changing a few separate numbers on a price calculator. Many of our customers have used these kinds of calculators with Showell. Thanks to these tools it’s now easy to make example calculations without having to be a master of mental calculation.


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