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Nov 20214 min read

How Scattered Sales Collateral Can Damage Everything You’ve Worked Hard On

Making a sale today is much harder than it was in the past. Companies and businesses have gone a long way in generating as many sales as possible by using all kinds of marketing strategies and prospects.

If you’d also like to increase your sales and ensure every sales presentation goes well, you must invest in high-quality and reliable marketing content that can be easily accessed at all times. You can’t solely rely on your employees making a flawless sales pitch every time, as there will be hiccups along the way.

Scattered sales collateral is one of the main struggles companies deal with nowadays.

In this article, we’ll cover the key dangers scattered marketing content can do to your business.

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1.   Damaged brand reputation

The whole purpose of sales collaterals is to make sales presentations and the process of making sales easier. That way, sales teams can alternate the company’s content and use various pieces of information to create a pitch that will represent your brand to the public in the best possible light.

Just as accessible and organized sales collateral improves your brand’s reputation, scattered sales collateral will paint a negative picture of your brand. Scattered marketing content won’t only put you at a financial disadvantage, but it can significantly tarnish your entire public image.

This will lead to a damaged brand reputation that can’t be easily fixed. Your brand will face negative reviews, poor feedback, and backlash at every attempt to improve.

2.   Interrupted customer experience

There’s nothing worse than ruining a perfectly good sale. Even the slightest error can catch a potential buyer’s attention and interrupt their experience. But, sales teams are made out of people, so it’s only natural for them to make mistakes occasionally.

Nevertheless, you’ll want to minimize the chances of this happening, as delivering an immersive and uninterrupted customer experience is every brand’s sales goal.

With scattered sales collateral, that’s almost impossible to achieve. Your sales team members will have to jump from one point to another, often struggling to remember what comes next. This will only leave the potential customers confused, which isn’t the effect you aim at achieving as it certainly won’t result in a successful sale.

3.   Presentation of inaccurate information

Sales presentations often include a lot of data and precise numbers that are the key elements of every pitch. Even failing to mention some of the impressive statistics can result in a missed opportunity, let alone if your sales team members present inaccurate pieces of information.

This is what happens if your team doesn’t have the right tool to easily access your sales collateral. Namely, the members will fail to mention the key takeaways or, even worse, supply potential clients with incorrect details.

Not making a sale isn’t the worst-case scenario in this situation. Your clients might choose your company based on what was presented to them, only to find out that wasn’t true at all.

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4.  Harder tasks for sales teams

When companies don’t supply their sales teams with high-quality marketing content, they leave them empty-handed. This forces sales representatives to create their own sales collateral, which can’t provide ideal results.

Sales teams experience more pressure as they have to work with something they aren’t trained for or knowledgeable about. They immediately have more challenging and more demanding job tasks than they should.

By assigning this task to sales teams, your company will have poor quality marketing content, while the sales teams won’t focus enough on their primary task - which is making a sale.

5.  Reduced use of content

Assigning the task of coming up with the sales collateral to your sales teams can lead to yet another outcome. Instead of making their own marketing content, sales teams might opt for not using any collateral at all.

It’s incredibly challenging to impress clients with the absence of content or its reduced use. Even better said, it’s nearly impossible. This means your sales teams won’t maximize the use of available content unless provided with the much-needed collateral.

Unsuccessful sales attempts will start piling up, and the motivation will slowly diminish among your sales team members.




Having reliable, efficient, and easily-accessible sales collateral is imperative for every business. Showell is an easy-to-use software primarily created as a sales enablement tool. It centralizes your sales collateral and permits large sales teams to access the marketing content online and offline.

As a result, your brand will make a strong impression during sales meetings thanks to a seamless and professional user experience. Showell can also help your employees track content consumption to make better data-driven decisions concerning strategy, prospect interest, and training needs.

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