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May 2022 3 min read

Increase Customer Data to Track Interest with Showell

Your sales collateral is one of your most significant assets. It helps you showcase your solutions’ value to the target customers to help them make informed purchasing decisions. Your sales reps wouldn’t achieve their quotas without it since they would have to improvise during every meeting with prospects. This will then lead to unproductive and inefficient meetings that don’t bring enough value.

But how do you know if your content showcases your value? Do you track how prospects interact with and respond to your content? How does it make them perceive your brand? It’s crucial to gather such customer data because, otherwise, you might end up relying on a guessing game – and prospect interest isn’t something you should guess.

Let’s see what problems lack of customer engagement data brings and how you can solve them once and for all.


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Shooting in the dark with a lack of valuable customer data

Does your sales collateral consist of PowerPoint, Office, and Excel documents? “Well, yeah, how else would we present our offers?” is probably the answer you’re thinking about now.

That’s all well and good, and you may not have trouble tracking how your target audience interacts with those files, but what about videos, 3D designs, PDF files, or interactive AR content? Do you track your prospects’ engagement to those?

That’s the problem with such file formats – they’re quite difficult to track. That doesn’t mean you should ignore them.

If you do, you might end up falling into the pitfalls below.


Failing to engage prospects

If you don’t gather valuable engagement data on your sales collateral, you might fail to engage most, if not all, of your prospects. You wouldn’t know what captures their attention and compels them to take action. You’d also have no insight into the content pieces they may be revisiting and would lack the necessary visibility into how people perceive your brand.

You'll be fighting an uphill battle to drive your engagement and entice people to purchase from you without such information.

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Failing to improve content

You can’t afford to keep your content unchanged for years if you want to grow your business. Consumer behavior changes over time, so what works now may not be viable in, say, two years. Knowing which file formats are the most high-converting will help you sharpen your marketing focus. The same goes for different content types and all the information you include.

Find out what your target audience finds exciting and place most or all of your bets on it. The reward will be more than worth it because your brand will become the epitome of success.

Wasted time and lost opportunities

Wasting time is not an option in business. But that’s what you’ll end up with if you don’t turn your sales collateral into insightful data.

If you don’t monitor and analyze content consumption and prospect interest, you might as well flush all your marketing resources down the drain. If you’re interested in opportunities for better customer experience and revenue growth (who isn’t, right?), then take the time to gather, measure, and analyze vital customers' engagement on your data.


Shed light on your hard-to-track content with Showell

It can be challenging to track how prospects consume your sales collateral if you don’t have a proper tool in your marketing and sales arsenal. Even with a quality tool, monitoring PDF files, videos, 3D designs, and similar content might seem like an impossible mission.

That’s where Showell comes in.

Showell is a user-friendly sales enablement tool that can help you increase valuable customer data and make all your efforts pay off. It’s the go-to platform for monitoring hard-to-track content and helping marketing professionals understand how their prospects and customers consume it.

Armed with such information, you can make data-based decisions and supercharge your entire marketing team’s efforts.

You can combine real-time analytics with other digital metrics like social media and website tracking. That way, you can have a 360° view of what your prospects and customers are interested in, what they may find confusing, and what strategies work best when closing a sale.

Showell offers many other benefits, and not just to marketing. It can empower sales reps as well, mainly thanks to instant online and offline access to relevant content, so don’t miss a chance to try it.

Interested in exploring its features? Try Showell for free today or book a demo to see it in action.