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How to Share Videos Over the Internet

Sharing video files over the Internet can be frustrating. Videos are often quite large and cannot be shared through email. Many of the popular email services such as Gmail and Yahoo limit the size of attached files. Another tricky thing with videos is that there are multiple video formats available and each format needs the right media player just to open and watch the video. So, even if you get your video shared, you can’t be certain that the receiver is able to open it and watch the video.

Sharing your video files through email just doesn’t work. We all know the frustration when trying to send a video attachment to someone just to get an answer that the file we tried to share is too big. No need to worry though, because there are ways to get your hi-res video files shared digitally, with no fuss.

Let’s have a look at the better choices to share videos.

Store and Share Videos in the Cloud

One way to share videos is to upload the file(s) to a cloud storage service and the receiver can have access to the service through an invite link. This allows your receivers to then open and download the file.

There are many free cloud services to start off with. Keep in mind that there is a limit for the sizes of files you can upload. Of course, you can upgrade to a paid plan to get things rolling again.

Take a look at the following: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive


  • Free plans available to start with
    Simple to use


  • Visuals don’t support your brand
    The receiver needs to sign up to the system too
  • The receiver gets access to your account
  • Over time cloud storages tend to get messy
  • Not very efficient when sharing content with a larger group of people
  • The receiver is still required to have a media player to open the video


Share videos with a File-Transfer Site

You can also share videos by using a third-party file transfer website. These are easy-to-use systems where larger video files can be shared easily. Simply upload the file, enter your name and email address along with the name and address of your recipient, and your file will be downloaded to the service site and your recipient gets a link to download it. Really simple. 

Check out one of these: DropSend, MyAirBridge, Filemail, WeTransfer, Send Anywhere, Bitwarden Send, Wormhole.


  • Easy and simple to use
  • Easy for the receiver


  • The receiver still needs a video player
  • No on-brand look
  • Possible ads
  • Limited shares per month in some services
  • Limited file sizes in free versions
  • No control over shared content


Share videos with Showell

Sharing videos is really easy with Showell. All content downloaded into Showell is automatically shared with anyone with access to the account.

Your team will have all video files up-to-date and available, anywhere and anytime. On top of that, your team can easily share the video files with their customers, stakeholders, and even with those who are not using Showell.

This is done through the Digital Sales Room in Showell. This is how it works:

1. Upload your video to Showell
How to screenshot_add content_512x384

2. Select the videos you wish to share
3. Share by:

  • Copy link - paste it to your mail, WhatsApp, LinkedIn message, or any other messaging tool you wish to use
  • Email - add your message and send the link to your contact
  • Advanced Share - add subject and message, set expiration date, set pin code, and other settings as you wish. Note, you can add, update, or remove videos even after sharing!

How to screenshot_share videos_512x384

4. The receiver gets a link to the Digital Sales Room. All videos are played in the Digital Sales Room, no additional players are needed
How to screenshot_video played in dsr_512x384

5. If you selected advanced share and asked for the receiver's email, you’ll get data on how the receiver engages with the shared videos

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