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Why Brand Control is Essential for Cutting Through the Noise

In this webinar, we talk about how you can maintain a consistent, unified B2B brand and why it is essential for both new and old businesses. 

How to Keep Your Brand Consistent and Cohesive

It is essential to keep your B2B brand consistent and cohesive, even if it has been around for years or is new. Being consistent and having a unified strategy is easier said than done since we live in an increasingly noisy, competitive world.

Your brand is the forefront and key element of your company that triggers trust between your product or solution and your customers at the initial touchpoint.

According to Lucidpress’ 2021 Brand Consistency Report, "brand consistency directly translates into brand equity as it provides customers with a dependable platform from which they can effectively gauge a company’s commitment and applicability to their specific circumstances”.

Sorry, there is no recording available for this webinar!



Rebeca Avila Urdampilleta
Chief Marketing Officer

jennametsaranta Jenna Metsäranta
SDR Manager

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