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Why Showell?

Showell is a sales enablement tool that empowers teams to close more deals with convincing presentations and a winning buyer experience.

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Sales presentation tool for teams

From the beginning, Showell’s mission has been to build the best sales enablement and presentation tool. Now, thousands of users around the world use Showell to present better, activating sales content that convinces buyers in face-to-face and online sales meetings. With Showell you can get up and running in days instead of weeks or months. Showell offers a branded user interface that looks and feels your own, ensuring the best user experience and delivering a wow-effect in any sales meeting.

The Problem

Too often, sales teams have to use tools that are not designed for customer-facing meetings. Also the sales collateral is scattered and buried in multiple places. As a result the performance drops when sales reps’ time goes to unproductive and administrative tasks such as finding the right content or creating their own PowerPoint presentations. In addition, this leads to a varying quality of sales presentations and loss of brand control. When the tools are not fit for the task, the quality of meetings is poor and the buyer experience suffers. And so does overall sales performance. 

  • 65% of reps say they can’t find relevant content easily
  • 2/3 of sales reps’ time is spent in non revenue-generating activities
  • 85% of buyers feel that their meetings with sellers don’t bring enough value
  • 50% of sales content is not used by sales reps
  • 71% of reps say meetings are unproductive and inefficient
  • 42% of sales reps do not make their quotas 

The Solution

Showell sales enablement and presentation platform gives your sales reps an instant access to always up-to-date sales content, anytime and anywhere. Everything from PowerPoint-presentations to brochures, data sheets, pricing, images and videos are in one place, easy to find and under control. And as soon as the marketing and product support adds new or updated material it becomes automatically available to the sales team thanks to Showell’s clever push-update functionality. Sales reps are always well-prepared to engage customers. 

  • Save more time to prospects and customers
  • Give convincing presentations
  • Keep your brand consistent
  • Deliver product knowledge to whole sales organization
  • Help buyer to influence all decision makers
  • Improve your collateral based on data from sales meetings

Did you know that Showell also…

  • Saves money by reducing printed materials
  • Acts as a great training tool to speed ramp-up time of new reps
  • Adds value by feeding data about sales meeting to CRM
  • Makes data capturing, e.g. leads, from meetings, events and fairs a breeze

Easy, intuitive and available on any device

Finding and presenting the right slide, brochure, product card, manual, video, image or any other content is just a touch or click away – even when you’re offline. Showell is intuitive, taking just minutes to learn.  Showell App works on laptops, tablets and smartphones. Sales reps get the content updates automatically, so they can focus on selling and convincing presentations in sales meetings.

Instantly Ready

Showell is a genuine turnkey solution. It is not a massive IT project – even for large organisations. Sales reps can start selling in seconds, immediately after they’ve signed in for the first time. Book a free demo and get started now!

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