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Sales Enablement that boosts sales team's confidence

How Steripolar Boosts Sales Teams' Confidence to Impress Customers

Steripolar is a med-tech company that offers innovative technology, new treatments for patient care, high-quality durables, medical devices, and capital equipment to the healthcare sector.

Helping Sales to Deliver Great Customer Experience 

Before Showell updating content and delivering it to the sales team was a slow and difficult process. According to Marja Rautala, marketing designer at Steripolar, Showell has had a big impact on their sales and marketing performance.

Making Sure That Sales Content is Up-to-Date and Always Available for Salespeople

The process for distributing materials is much faster and now both sales and marketing can be sure that all the content is always up-to-date and relevant

"Showell is easy to use, it's fast and looks great."
- Marja Rautala, Steripolar

The feedback received from customers has been really positive. Customers are impressed by the way the presented content is shared right away with them.

Showell Makes You Look Professional

Giving their customers a professional feeling is something that Steripolar's reps truly value in Showell. It not only improves Steripolar's sales content effectiveness but also provides a confidence boost as reps can rely on that they have everything they need with them. That's why Rautala would recommend Showell to anyone working in sales.



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