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Sales enablement solution for dealer sales

How Showell has Made a Significant Impact on Tana's Sales Efficiency

For Tana Showell is an important tool for sharing sales collateral to their global network of dealers.

Turning waste into value

Tana has a clear and globally important goal. They want their customers to turn waste into value. Tana is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machines for waste management and operates globally with the main focus in North America, Europe and Australia.

Significant impact on productivity

Showell is a professional sales tool for professional sales people.

Mirja Yli-Erkkilä, VP Customer Experience at Tana, says that Showell has had a significant impact on the way their sales and marketing material is managed, distributed, and shared around the globe.

Before Showell

Before Showell we had a constant struggle making sure that their distributors had the latest and up-to-date sales material available and that they were using it. It was also difficult to share the material with prospects and customers. 

Present and share the right content

Sales materials that Tana has in Showell consist of sales presentations, product brochures, videos, photos, 3D images, and there's also an interactive cost-saving calculator. 

With Showell, they can be sure that all their dealers have the right and latest material available for sellers worldwide to present and share when they meet and engage customers.

No internet, no problem

Many times dealers' reps meet their customers in places where internet connections are non-existing or limited. So it's really crucial for them that all materials can be reached and used offline.

Tana is recommending Showell for any organization that does international sales with dealers and salespeople scattered around in many countries and areas. 

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