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Your Sales Enablement Score

It is very often that we think our teams have all they have to succeed. But with everything we have to juggle with on a daily basis, it is very easy to miss some of the more nuanced bits.

  • Do you know that your sales teams have all they need to succeed? Are they prepared to answer most questions on the spot and show your marketing content?
  • Does your marketing know what content your sales team likes the best? What about how your customer engages with that content?

Take this simple test and find out now!

The Problem

Of course your marketing team creates content and shares it with the sales teams. Maybe via e-mail or slack. Perhaps with a content repository like SharePoint or OneDrive.
But, does the structure of these folders reflect your customer journey? It is also very easy to lose updated versions among all these scattered files through e-mail or undeleted versions. Perhaps even downloaded ones.
How about presentations? Or even better, analytics on all that is share from sales person to prospect?

The Solution

This Sales Enablement Test will give you a score on your sales readiness. This means: it will tell you how prepared your sales teams really are when they find themselves in a sales meeting.
It will also tell you if there are bits of data you aren't collecting that would work wonders for your messaging and content strategies.
But, to start your sales readiness journey, you will need a hearty companion. This is why Showell's free platform can help you start or expand the sales enablement journey you are on. Centralize your content, improve your sales meetings and understand your customer behavior.