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Discover how to

Easily Manage Spread-Out Sales

When your sales teams are spread across several territories, it can be hard to make sure they all have what they need when they need it.

A gazillion e-mails, outdated files that need to be deleted, printed out copies because of internet issues...

Your brand suffers, your sales suffer, your team suffers. 

In this guide, you will learn:

  • The value of consistency and content
  • The balance between core message and customization
  • The value of real time analytics

The Problem

We've seen it: spread out sales networks work great but it's not without caveats. Large distributed networks allows companies to carry their message and  products through different territories.

However, it is easy to inadvertently build silos and have inconsistent onboarding that impacts sales performance. When your sales has scattered content and is unaware of what  are the latest versions, it is so easy for the to feel unprepared.

Not to mention that pesky, untraceable content you have no clue works or not. How can you better understand your customer and their questions? Ultimately, your network might be  stumbling without the right tools to help it better present and engage your customer.

The Solution

In the guide above you will find some very interesting tips and tricks on how to prioritze and organize your sales networks. You can also try out for free our sales enablement tool.
With Showell Free, you will be able to centralize your content management but make it available to your entire team at exactly the same time.
Not to mention we reduce the complexity of creating tailored sales presentations, presenting and sharing files by providing you with seamless and easy to use Digital Sales Rooms.
And you can forget about all those content blindspots, now you will know exactly what content your sales teams like most how your customer engages with it.