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Mar 20224 min read

Fast Track Your Sales Funnel With Sales Enablement

Sales is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes some training, strategy, and provisions to make it to the finish line.

Sales enablement creates that ideal selling environment for both your sales and marketing teams. It doesn't help you just win the race. It gets you there in half the time, leaving your competition in the dust. See the 3 ways sales enablement helps to close deals more effectively.

Why is Sales Enablement So Important?

Sales enablement is no different from an athlete training before facing off against their opponent. It's the difference between having access to better equipment, a dietician to maintain peak performance levels, a stellar recovery plan and maybe a bit of intel on their contender. It's the extra things that help to make the difference, pulling resources that streamline sales.

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Using sales enablement is crucial to business success because it can lower the barrier to knabbing sales and help to engage customers at all the right points. The fact is sales don't materialize overnight. It's more of a marathon than a sprint, and it requires a bit of etiquette while providing the value needed. In fact, 74% of buyers choose the sales rep that is first to add value and insight. This underscores the importance of insight selling.

If you find your customers are umming and ahhing, dragging their feet to decide, that's where sales enablement can help to remove those pesky barriers. Tools like Showell refine how your salespeople sell by creating an optimal environment to do so. On top of that, you'll find better alignment internally and with external vendors, instilling a better workflow that focuses on results.

Here are 3 ways sales enablement helps representatives sell better instantly:

3 Ways Sales Enablement Closes Deals Faster

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1. Maximize Buyer Interaction

There's a whole song and dance that needs to be done when selling products, which is why interruptions and loading screens are such a significant hindrance. Sales enablement allows you to keep the flow going with seamless meeting tools. No more tabbing from one document to another or waiting for a rendering to buffer. Utilizing Showell's digital salesroom is the future-forward way to present.

That means you can present remotely or in person, even if you're not connected to the internet.

It doesn't stop there; you'll be able to track all shared content the moment your prospects view it, gathering valuable insights that can help inform how you handle the next part of the sales funnel or how you shape your next pitch.

With greater ease of access to relevant content, all stored on Showell's platform, both your dealers and customers will have a greater sense of trust and reliability when they think of your company.


2. Reduce Your Ramp-Up Time 

Time is money, and every moment counts! With sales enablement, you'll notice faster, more thorough training and onboarding of new hires. This dramatically increases the time to sales-readiness. What would take months to grasp is now reduced to weeks. The benefit of internal salespeople and external sales networks understanding your product benefits far quicker, means they are far more equipped to start approaching prospects.

Showell prioritizes ease and accessibility for content. No digging through documents named v5 and v15 to find the right deck. Only the most up to date pieces of content are available for use. Instant access to all sales materials from the get-go gives your sales network the confidence to push your products. Particularly when they know that content will continue to optimize as they sell.

Internally, you can quickly share fresh collaterals with all markets at once, saving hours of work. Equipping sales reps with much-needed tools prevents them from diluting your brand with their own materials. This allows the utmost consistency across the board. After all, salespeople should be doing the selling, not the marketing.

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3. Map Your Content Strategy Against Your Sales Journey

Data has the power to inform all your most pivotal business decisions, and it should be leveraged at every chance. Showell helps sales and marketing teams implement data-driven strategies, mapping a customer's journey with analytics instead of feeling around in the dark.

With sales enablement, you unlock the ability to create comprehensive customer personas. You can track content engagement, down to every page of a presentation. These are important metrics that make more informed, personalized content that will really speak to your prospects needs. 

The best thing about data analytics is that you can continue to refine every piece of content you produce.

Collaterals in that way will never be static, instead on a continual journey of improvement - which is precisely why Showell's CRM and sales enablement platform are connected.

This is so data is accessible to everyone and can be applied to all areas that relate to sales.

Want to see what sales enablement can do for you? Use Showell to remove all the inefficiency plaguing your sales funnel and equip your representative with the ammunition they need to thrive. Showell has helped companies like Gaggenau, Ponsse, Vernacare, Sandvik to optimize their sales and marketing-All of who have seen growth thanks to embracing sales enablement as part of their corporate culture.


We've seen it – the issue of dealing with silos, inconsistent onboarding, and content not being used by your team. Showell adds structure that enables you to sell and market yourself to your best ability. We made a solution with these pain points in mind. Showell is an award-winning tool made to centralize all sales collateral for ease of onboarding, present with ease and assurance that you will have nothing but updated content, data to track engagement and activity to understand your prospects better, and so much more. To find out more, you can request a demo.

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