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Nov 2021 3 min read

How to Increase the Sales Team Use Rate of Your Content

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When a sales team member can’t travel to meet the client face-to-face, a salesperson will meet clients virtually. These changes and adaptations are necessary in our ever-evolving world.

We’re moving towards virtual interactions that are slowly but surely replacing physical interactions. In such cases, many companies worry that their sales pitch will degrade because they lack a personal connection with their customers.

However, Showell can show you how to create a digital salesroom for customers, where you can let your salespeople do their magic like in traditional sales environments. There are also other benefits that Showell can offer to help improve your sales pitch.

Showell’s software for organizing and monitoring content offers easy access to the content your salespeople use. Moreover, the software allows you to keep track of how and how often they use it.  

Top best ways to get your sales team to use your content

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Your sales team will constantly be on the road, given that you are, for example, a marketing leader in the machine industry. Before hitting the road, they might download some crucial parts of the content they like but rarely update it and use new content.

Regardless of whether you conduct sales in person or virtually, your sales team should use your content to spark interest. Here are the top five traits your content needs to have if you want the sales team to actually use it:

Ready access

Your content is the king of all your sales. You can create various forms of content, including blog posts, sales presentations, or training videos which all play an equal role in your sales enablement.

The key is for that content to be easily accessible.

Showell is a sales content enablement platform that not only enables online but also offline access. We assume there will always be adequate connectivity, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case, and we have to come prepared. Showell offers offline support, taking sales to the next level.   

Ease of presentation

Creating presentations for clients is what every salesperson spends time on before each sale. Showell wants you to succeed in your interactions, which is why it allows sales reps to easily present content regardless of their format or their size. By having a tool that allows you to streamline the presentation and sharing of different formats in a seamless way, your sales reps are more likely to look professional and captivate prospect interest.

Ease of mixing and matching relevant content

Most salespeople find locating their content overwhelming. When a salesperson has to spend more than thirty minutes on content research, they can quickly lose their patience. 

That’s why Showell allows sales reps to mix and match different content to create presentations beautifully tailored for a particular prospect within just five minutes. With a fully branded account, you can have a content structure with the easiest navigation. 

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Ease of use and interface adaptation

Every company must work on making the most straightforward environment for its employees, i.e., salespeople. It should have all the materials in one place to make the sales of a particular product easy, especially if they are competing against someone else with a similar product.

Easy-to-use tools offer easy interface adaptation and optimization that everyone can understand. All you need is just one training session for your salespeople.  

Increased analytics

Showell provides analytics and valuable data to help you keep track of your content, how often, and in which way salespeople use it. These analytics also provide tracking of how the prospect has consumed this content, what have they viewed and for how long. Even if they have shared it along to another colleague! With such increased analytics, you can rate your content, create a new sales management technique and help make content utilization better in the future.

Once you implement the strategy that works, you can increase your win rates. The better the content, the better the customer experience will be, resulting in the overall growth of your revenue. 

Showell has you covered


Showell allows each company to make their sales more centralized with an easy-to-use software that allows dislocated and large sales teams to access online and offline content. 

This ease of access also enables the easy presentation of that content, making the user experience personalized, professional, and seamless at sales meetings. Showell also allows you to track the content consumption rates, training needs, prospect interests, and content strategies based on what you’ve found so that you can make smart decisions.

To learn more, you can book a demo or try Showell out for free.

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