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Mar 2022 2 min read

Blog series: Increasing Content Usage & Sales - Diagnosing the Problem

To start off our blog series on 'Increasing Content Usage & Sales Today', let's look into diagnosing the problem: why your sales reps aren't using your content.

There could be a simple reason why your content is underused or several issues creating a bottleneck. In Showell's experience, here are the 7 most common barriers your sales representatives face when it comes to leveraging marketing materials:

7 Common barriers salespeople face

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Issue 1

It is difficult or inconvenient to access collaterals. In some cases, we've found that salespeople cannot find content at all. While there is an easy fix for this, this issue is no small one. Easy and convenient access to content is vital to the success of sales. Sales networks need to work on their feet, and if your content isn't handy, they will simply bench your products.

Issue 2

Sales representatives are unsure whether the content provided is up to date or not. They may be wary of misrepresenting products or services; therefore, if they sense content feels outdated, they may avoid it entirely.

Issue 3

The content provided is irrelevant. While you may be producing plentiful sales materials, if it misses the mark, feels too generic or doesn't address a buyers' pain points, why would sales representatives use it?

Issue 4

Your sales network doesn't understand the value of your content. This can be an issue of recognizing when and where marketing materials can be applied in the sales funnel. While they may feel the collateral can be helpful, they'll overlook it if they're unsure where it can be best utilized.

Issue 5

Sales representatives are creating their own content. While well-intentioned, it can do untold damage to your brand's image if this has been allowed to happen. If a salesperson feels their content is better than what marketing provides, the materials provided may not be up to scratch.

Issue 6

Content is not easy to share. Sometimes the problems with content can be its file size, format, and the general ease of sharing. Sales representatives may write you off if content takes too long to even just attach to an email.

Issue 7

Sales representatives are simply used to working with the older content provided. Hence, they feel they don't need to use newer content. Old habits die hard, this can mean your sales team is stuck in a rut.

As the above shows, how you deliver content is just as crucial to your sales representatives as what the actual content is.

In modern times, everything needs to be streamlined.

So, the question is, how can you identify these issues? The first step is by talking to your sales representatives, networks, and dealers. They know best and can help you understand their most significant pain points when selling. Whether it's a straightforward issue or several compounding problems, Showell can help increase content usage and sales!