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Mar 2022 4 min read

Major Inconsistencies in Sales? Upgrade Your Sales Pitch with Showell

Sales teams experience good and bad days, just like everyone else. That means their sales performance will also fluctuate – some days will be more successful than the others, and that’s okay.

However, if you’ve been experiencing unexplainable inconsistencies in your sales performance, you probably can’t help but wonder what is causing these unpredictable changes. Not only are they frustrating to see, but they can also affect overall team performance and motivation.

You might want to get a deeper look into it and eliminate all the factors that may have been hindering your sales performance, before it does irreversible damage.

Causes of inconsistent sales

There are many reasons why your sales might be inconsistent. However, most salespeople find the following three issues to be the worst, leading to inconsistent sales performance.

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No access to the content

Having no access to the content can put your salespeople in very uncomfortable and awkward positions, especially if they are presented with a challenging objection or question from a prospect. Having no access to the content they need can have a negative impact on your buyer's experience and worse, on how your brand is perceived.

Therefore, without content, not only is it incredibly challenging to make a sale, this pushes your sales reps to improvise and create content which may not be aligned to your tone, messaging, and brand.

That’s exactly why having no access to updated and relevant content is a major setback to all parties involved.

Creation of improvised content

Some salespeople aren’t provided with the marketing material they need, so they have to make their own. If this problem is not nipped in the bud as early as possible, your prospects will be consuming content that may not be fully representing your brand value. 

Content unaligned to your value proposition

A major misconception about content is that it's as simple as putting together a bunch of your buyer's problem and offer you solution. In order to stand out from your competitors, content involves strategic storytelling of your value proposition, making known of pain points that your buyers may not even realize are causing the inefficiencies, how and why your solution fits the puzzle, and patience. It's called buyer's journey for a reason. You have to walk through your customers to get them to a point where they are well-informed to make a purchase. 

If sales reps offer content at the wrong stage of the journey or worse, content that isn’t aligned with the messaging and value proposition, it’s difficult to predict how successful the sales will be. Having content just for the sake of it isn’t nearly enough to capture your prospects interest, let alone generate a sale. 

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Results of inconsistent sales

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Sales reps who have any of the types of content mentioned above, or have no content at all, might take some steps that don’t offer promising or reliable results. For instance, many salespeople turn to improvisation when they suddenly lose access to their sales information and presentations.

Although improvising a sale might sound cool in theory, it doesn’t yield great results in practice. Salespeople end up repeating the same information over and over again while failing to mention some key points and features that could motivate a client to make the sale.

The results of sales filled with improvisation aren’t typically positive. While less attentive or uninterested clients might turn a blind eye to these crucial errors, some clients will, without a doubt, have a stronger reaction.

As a result, sales reps are bound to have inconsistent sales performance by constantly relying on improvisation. The performance will drastically vary from one deal to another or even among different sales reps.

A simple solution

Luckily, there’s a simple solution that makes all the problems with inconsistent sales go away. With Showell, all sales reps can easily access updated and relevant content, with the ability to customize pitches and presentations to suit every buyer's need. The clients appreciate sales pitches that seem effortless and seamless, especially if they have a personal touch to them.

Moreover, salespeople can access the content both online and offline, so connection issues will never again put you at risk of delaying or losing a sale.

Having a sales tool with easy access and simple navigation to accompany every sale, ensuring consistency and predictability in sales performances has truly never been easier.

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Showell allows you to create customizable, flexible, and easy-to-access solutions that’ll grant you more success on your sales calls and deals. Without worrying about the reliability of the material you’re presenting, you can focus more on the client.

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