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Mar 2022 2 min read

Blog series: Increasing Content Usage & Sales - Future Proofing

To wrap up our blog series on 'Increasing Content Usage & Sales Today', let's see how you can  future-proof the way you sell - the importance of a digital sales room and tracking content.

The modern sales landscape demands digital solutions. Without these tools, your sales networks are lagging behind. This is why Showell also has a Digital Sales Room (DSR) that provides salespeople with a customer-facing content platform portal that can be used to share relevant marketing content and gain insights with content analytics.

Digital Sales Room

The DSR is like a bespoke website for your customers, "It is a personal space where you can share all the relevant sales content in a branded environment and offer a user experience that will win customers", shared Sami Suni, CEO & Founder of Showell.

It allows salespeople to have a more streamlined pitching process by keeping all collaterals in one place, which they can access anytime, anywhere,

Sami Suni, CEO of Showell, said in an interview that DSRs are critical to guaranteeing a tailor-made online buying journey for your customers, from beginning to end, and as the world transitions to an even more digital ecosystem, being a part of this transition as a leader is vital and "you must be on the frontline".


In today's sales journey, Showell’s DSR helps to eliminate these common complications:

  • The need for multiple platforms to store and share various file types
  • Having to use extranets and intranets
  • Lapses in communication
  • Interrupted buyer experience
  • Misalignment between your marketing, sales, and customers
  • Blind spots in your content
  • Low content usage


There is much to gain with Showell’s DSR, along with increased sales, brands can:

  • Gain the ability to track content.
  • Store collateral in one place. Making content easily accessible on any device, even without an internet connection.
  • You can easily share large-size documents including videos, presentations, and 3D models with Showell. Be rid of email attachments, Dropbox links, and long WeTransfer uploads.
  • Measure and track how your content is performing. You gain access to many different data points like content analytics, share analytics, user analytics and group analytics.
  • Have a more cohesive workflow that is focused on closing deals
  • Continually refine your sales funnel
  • Total alignment, whether you’re a company of 40 or 40,000


We've seen the issue of dealing with silos, inconsistent onboarding, and content not being used by your team.

Showell adds structure that enables you to sell and market yourself to your best ability. 

We made a solution with these pain points in mind. Showell is an award-winning tool made to centralize all sales collateral for ease of onboarding, present with ease and assurance that you will have nothing but updated content, data to track engagement and activity to understand your prospects better, and so much more. To find out more, you can request a demo.