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Mar 20223 min read

Train Your New Salespeople Easier and Faster

Hiring new sales reps comes with lots of pros, along with some challenges. While expanding your sales team is an outstanding way to make more sales, the long ramp-up times prevent many companies from progressing at full speed.

With that being said, training new staff doesn’t provide immediate results. Instead, companies have to invest a lot of time and resources before a new employee is fully onboarded.

As a business owner, there are high chances you’re not thrilled with this entire concept. It’s a good thing there’s a simple solution that can significantly reduce the long ramp-up times of newcomers.

The issues with onboarding programs

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Onboarding programs were initially created to make the process of assimilation easier and less stressful for people who are starting at a position filled with duties and obligations they weren’t familiar with before.

Today, the onboarding program for salespeople is essential for anyone who previously had a different job or has just finished their education.

However, as businesses’ tasks continually evolve and become more complex, ramp-up periods can last around six months before a salesperson becomes an independent employee.

Here are some issues business owners have to deal with daily when recruiting new sales reps.

Scattered content

It’s no secret every business has its internal procedures, information, and regulations. However, for these to work in harmony, each employee must be familiar with them. When this content is scattered and outdated, it’s challenging to come up with a quick and efficient onboarding program that’ll include all explanations in one place.

Additionally, newcomers frequently struggle trying to consume content that doesn’t have any kind of a logical structure or order.

Explaining how necessary information is stored and organized, how your sales cycle works, and understanding your messaging are just some of the essentials. Therefore, onboarding coordinators will have to look through plenty of scattered and outdated content before finding what they need and implementing it into the onboarding process.

Long waiting times

Consistent explaining and organization of training seminars are all part of the learning process, but how long does this process last? Five days? Two weeks? One month?

Unfortunately, the average onboarding process intended for ramping-up your salespeople usually lasts around six months. It just takes a while until they can bring profit to the company and become a valuable asset.

This is mostly because new salespeople have a lot to learn about when joining a new company. They need to learn how to handle complex customers, thoroughly understand sales cycles even before they can strategize to speed it up, as well as communicate the right value and the right message to every individual prospect.

All this is easier said than done, so all new sales reps struggle at first before they become good at sales, so the long waiting times are simply to be expected.


Take a look at Showell

As a business owner, your goal is to transform newcomers into independent, reliable, and profitable salespeople in the shortest period possible.

Fortunately, you can easily achieve that with the right tools by your side. Showell lets you turn your scattered and outdated content into a centralized learning station all your new employees can easily access.

Besides making the onboarding program easier for new employees, organized and well-structured content according to sales cycles allows companies to seamlessly train their sales teams.

With content supported by Showell’s structure at their fingertips, salespeople can understand the stages and personas in the selling industry and how content changes depending on what stage you are or who you talk to. Furthermore, content tracking allows even the newest salespeople to see what piece of content is most useful to their prospects.


All these features make it easy for recruiters to reduce ramp-up time. With a high-quality training program that’s supported by an easy-to-navigate platform such as Showell, learning and advancing is truly a piece of cake.

As you have all your content organized, updated, and aligned with the company’s sales cycle and messaging, Showell makes the ramp-up process of new sales reps even 6 times faster.

Showell can be your team's ultimate training tool thanks to its handy and helpful features all salespeople can easily use and follow. Whether you’re interested in providing your sales reps with a simple training tool or a platform that contains all the crucial onboarding content in one spot, Showell is always a good idea.

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