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Sales Effectiveness

Sales Success Requires More Than Talent

Equip your sellers with the right tools, knowledge, and skills to close bigger deals faster.

Snapshot of Showell with a 'Start Course' prompt

Managing Sales Content Made Simple

One platform to manage, distribute, track and analyze sales materials and get all content at your teams finger tips.
Why Sales and Marketing Professionals Use Showell to Improve Sales Effectiveness?
Integrated sales and marketing collaboration
Enhance sales onboarding and training
To understand which content works and what does not
Support a guided selling approach
Seamless up-selling and cross-selling
Improve sales productivity by minimizing non-selling tasks

Grow Top Sales Performers from Day One

Implement effective sales onboarding to ensure new sellers are quickly equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed from the get-go.

Showell's Learning Management System feature

Foster a Culture of Continuous Learning

Effortlessly deliver product information, training materials, courses, and tests. This ensures sellers stay on top of trends and know-how, ultimately equipping them to succeed and share a unified message.

Showell LMS showing recommended course, completed course, and notification of new content

Drive Consistent Performance Through Guided Selling

Organize content in-app to fit a guided selling approach to steer clients towards a buying decision, while enhancing opportunities for upselling and cross-selling.
Seller and customer interaction with content surrounding them to showcase guided selling

Integrate with Other Tools Your Team is Already Using

Showell fits into your existing marketing and sales tech stack and workflows. 

Showell integrations

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"Showell consolidates all content into one system, harmonizing sales communication, simplifying processes, and strengthening our approach, ultimately benefiting patients"

Charles Henry and Xavier Cocardon
Business Development Managers, Ottobock

Ottobock Sales Enablement Case Study

Features That Our Customers Love

Branded Sales App
Branded App
The branded Sales App is available for all devices: tablets, laptops, smartphones, and web browsers.
Automatic content updates
Automatic Content Sync
Smart push content updates ensure sellers automatically have access to the latest content.
AI-powered search
AI-Powered Search
Use powerful search to quickly locate and open the right folder, content, or presentation.
Content Recommendations
AI Content Recommendations
AI-powered recommended content helps you to choose relevant content at each touchpoint.
Smart Sales Tools
Support for custom forms, surveys, configurators, 3D/AR content, etc. You name it!
Access control
Access Control
Easily set permissions of who can access, present, and share certain content.
Notify all or selected users when updated content is available.
Presentation creator
Content Personalization
Create, edit, and share personalized presentations in minutes by mixing and matching content.
Support for AR and 3D content
Augmented Reality and 3D
Bring your presentations to life by incorporating interactive augmented reality and 3D content.
Digital Sales Room
Digital Sales Room
Forget email attachments and effortlessly share content through the branded Digital Sales Room.
Tracking share engagement
Engagement Tracking
Track who and how buyers interact with your content and act on signals.
CRM Integrations
Integrate Showell with your CRM to utilize content effectively throughout the entire buying journey.

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"One of the Best Sales Enablement Platforms"

“It took us just a couple of weeks to get our people onboard and content organized. They can now access all relevant information. It’s one of the best platforms that I’ve seen”.
Product Manager
Teresa C.Product Manager, Vernacare