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Feb 2022 6 min read

How Showell Empowers The Sale

Yes, your company has the latest laptops, a Dropbox and an IT department, but that doesn't mean you're utilizing technology to the best of your advantage. In fact, it could be the very sign you're lagging behind.

For any company with an extensive sales and dealer network, there are several pitfalls when properly educating distributors about your products and services. Plus, you have to make sure you stay top of mind with your salespeople and prospects whilst also empowering your marketing team to fine-tune their messaging accordingly. A lot to juggle, isn’t it?

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You may have never even thought these things are connected, but they very much are. We've seen it firsthand. When you have the right content hub, all of the above falls right into place. That's where Showell comes in to help you distribute, manage, and showcase your sales content in the best way possible. If we could describe it in two words, it would be total efficiency.


Are you giving your sales teams all they need to succeed? Find all those little mishaps that hinder your team and discover how to fix them.

Increase Sales Rep Performance!


With Showell you can expect more adeptness in the way your sales team works, communicates, how you'll scale, and how you'll train them. But really, that's just the tip of the iceberg, we also increase the time you can spend selling. With Showell, everything is under one hood and works in concert; because your business isn't compartmentalized, why should your content be.


The Problem With Decentralizing Your Sales Content

Let’s start with the main culprit, having a decentralized content portal inevitably leads to disarray. Outdated content is old news and belongs in the archives, not the front page of your sales team's content portal. Clutter sends the wrong message to everyone and can lead to frustration when searching for the right folder. You might be wondering; how much time do people really waste looking for assets? It's more than you think, but not only that. If marketing assets are hard to find, are distributors really going to give you the extra time of day? 

Scattered content is a pain point you shouldn’t risk having. This kind of disorganization makes you look sloppy to distributors and can damage your prospects' perception.

Even if it's a third-party distributor fumbling to find the right statistic or USP, that could be the red flag that drives customers into the arms of your biggest competitor.

Worst of all, when you're disorganized, you're no longer being clear with your messaging. It's like a bad first impression that just sticks. Aligning information and content with a large network of salesmen is already tricky. So, how can you ensure consistency when one group of dealers uses Google Drive and the other prefers Slack? You can't really with any certainty.

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This issue is aggravated when you consider how your sales network works with a myriad of presentation platforms. When it comes to the format of collaterals, how do you ensure the optics and information is being presented correctly if one dealer is adamant he only presents in PowerPoint, another uses PDF and the third exclusively uses Keynote. It’s a problem that becomes unmanageable or, at the very least, a massive headache to try and cater to everyone. Unfortunately, when there are large amounts of content to push out, this problem just gets exponentially worse.

Lastly, but certainly one of the biggest offenders, is the lack of data analytics when distributing marketing content. Data is used everywhere, and any company worth its salt is harnessing that power. A lack of data leadership is slowly killing any business that thinks data doesn't apply to them. How much can you learn from sending an email attachment to a potential client? Absolutely nothing and that’s exactly the problem!

Using data, every cold email you're sending can improve how your dealers reach out to clients with valuable insights, showcasing what customers interacted with most.

You give yourself a better leg to stand on by simply gathering data from daily tasks.


Here’s What Showell Can Do For You

Showell is an all-in-one sales enablement tool that can store data, share, present sales collaterals, and analyze customer interests. Not only does that allow everyone, and we mean everyone, to be on the same page, from distributors to the customer. It means sharing content and gathering valuable information to help you refine your methodology.

When working with sales networks, you want to control your brand message as much as you can. Showell helps you do that, creating consistency across the board, it’s the next best thing to actually pitching your decks yourself. With Showell, you can guarantee a level playing field. Your dealers in France won't be working with specs from 2018, while your dealers in the US are working with the latest marketing messaging.


Using Showell also means onboarding salespeople is lightyears easier. When information is presented in an organized manner, they aren't left to fight through years of presentations to get the gist. And when it comes time to pitch, your sales network can rely on presentations to go flawlessly every time. It all unfolds in the Showell platform and looks just the way you intended it to. Say bye bye to wonky presentations build on one platform and poorly exported to another.

When your content is uploaded to Showell, it’s there and ready to use. No awkward small talk while you wait for something to load. That’s a promise whether you’re presenting remotely or in person!

On top of that, your sales team and distributors can easily cater their presentations to who they are pitching towards in a pinch; it's a simple click to add system to create customized presentations from existing sales content.

Showell understands the importance of accessibility, no matter where or when. Even if your representatives are somewhere remote and have no internet connection, you can count on your materials to be there. It's a breath of fresh air knowing your sales staff can always rely on this tool. They know they are sending out the right information and gauging interest using data.

Speaking of data, there's data to be had for all! For your sales team, sales managers, internal teams, marketing teams, and customer satisfaction teams. Everybody gets a slice of the data pie to build better communications and act accordingly on leads. See which content is being used most, which pages customers were less engaged with, and which sales member is fishing for the most leads. This is sales in an ideal world, and Showell makes it a reality. Within the first few weeks of using Showell, you'll find your sales cycles are shorter because your teams are more efficient.


Let Us Show You What We Can Do


Empower your sales and marketing teams now and book a demo with Showell. Not only will you see how easy it is to use and adapt, but you'll also see what instant implementation across the board is, no matter if you're dealing with 200 or 100,000 people.

Showell is used every day by companies like Ponsse, Bosch, and Sandvik. They've seen it, and we've seen it too – the struggle of having to dig through folders for content, outdated sales collaterals, and having no data to see if your content is even effective doesn’t work. We built a solution-oriented platform with these pain points in mind.

Showell is a tool dedicated to centralizing all sales collateral that you can access anywhere and anytime, presenting with ease and assurance that you will have nothing but updated content, data to track engagement and activity to understand your prospects better and so much more. To find out more, you can request a demo and try Showell now.


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