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Feb 202410 min read

Real-World Companies' Success Stories with Mobile Sales Enablement App

Mobile sales enablement apps have become crucial for companies that operate through dealer networks and have global teams. Mobile sales apps like these empower sellers by providing them with easy access to relevant information and engaging sales pitches. Additionally, the analytics features help in identifying buyer interest based on their interactions with the sales content.

In this blog, we will explore how Showell, a leading mobile sales enablement app, has helped simplify the sales process for industry-leading companies by offering a straightforward yet impactful solution.

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Showell: Mobile Sales Enablement App

Showell is a robust sales enablement tool with features that allow sellers to easily create personalized presentations, manage and share sales materials, and monitor customer engagement through detailed content analytics.

Moreover, Showell is accessible across all devices, including a web, desktop, and mobile app, ensuring availability even when offline.

Showell shown on laptop, smartphone and smart watch along with awards from G2 and GetApp

Key Features of Mobile Sales Enablement App


Sales Content Management

The sales content management feature simplifies the organization of content into folders and allows for access control based on various criteria like region, product, persona, or sales stage. It makes it easy for sellers to find the content they need within the app by using keywords or tags for quick searches.

Showell also allows content managers or marketing teams to sync updates across all devices, providing a reliable content source that is both relevant and current.


Content Personalization

With content personalization, sellers can effortlessly select and combine different types of content, such as PDFs, videos, and 3D renderings, to create presentations that truly resonate with their audience.


Sales Meeting and Presenting Features

The sales meeting and presenting feature enables sellers to present with their buyers through a branded space, acting as an extension of your organization with your brand's look and feel.

Sellers can access their sales pitches on any device, benefiting from interactive presentation tools like drawing, zooming, and annotating. Showell supports multimedia elements and smart sales tools for an enhanced presentation experience.


Content Sharing

With Showell, sellers can share sales materials via a single link to a Digital Sales Room, allowing buyers easy access without the need for additional software.

Sellers can also implement security measures such as custom PIN codes, expiration dates, view-only restrictions, download permissions, and email address requirements for access.


Analytics and Content Insights

Showell’s sales content analytics can be split into two categories: seller activity and buyer activity.

Seller activity insights help marketing teams understand how sales materials are used and their impact on performance, allowing for content optimization.

Buyer activity insights enable sellers to track how buyers interact with the content. This reveals not only the level of interest but also the involvement of new stakeholders, offering valuable clues for follow-up and engagement strategies.


Now, we’ll look into how world-renowned companies from various industries have adapted Showell to showcase key use cases of a mobile sales enablement app.

BSH Home Appliances Success with Showell's Sales Enablement App



BSH Home Appliances, leading appliance manufacturer which sells appliances for brands Bosch, Siemens, Neff, and Gaggenau, faced challenges in managing sales content and ensuring consistent messaging across its sales teams. The company's sales reps often created their own presentations, leading to a lack of unified messaging and considerable time wasted in coordinating and finding the latest sales materials.

Showell was introduced as a central hub for all relevant content, streamlining the process and saving time for the sales team. This change allowed sellers to focus more on selling and less on administrative tasks, significantly reducing stress and increasing confidence when engaging with customers.

“Almost every sales rep did their own presentation. That meant that we didn't have one song. Everyone created their own content and that took a lot of time." - Lina Uhlen, BSH Appliances


How Sales Enablement Simplified Content Management and Delivery

Implementing Showell transformed BSH Home Appliances' approach to sales content management. The app served as a central information hub, simplifying access to up-to-date content and enabling the sales team to deliver a consistent brand message.

The platform facilitated better cooperation between the sales and marketing teams by creating a streamlined content delivery process and encouraging user feedback. This collaborative approach helped refine the content and its delivery, ensuring that sales representatives were well-prepared and confident in their customer interactions.

Showell: Setting the Golden Standard for Other Tools

The adoption of Showell by BSH Home Appliances led to significant benefits, including time savings, increased sales team confidence, and improved interdepartmental cooperation.

The platform's analytics feature allowed the company to monitor content usage and adapt its onboarding process, ensuring that sales teams were effectively utilizing the available resources.

Showell set a new standard for internal tools within the company, demonstrating the power of a well-structured, intuitive mobile sales enablement platform in streamlining messaging, enhancing content delivery, and ultimately contributing to the company's competitive edge in the market.

Enabling Mobility with Showell: Ottobock's Journey



Ottobock, a German pioneer in orthopaedics technology and the world leader in prosthetics, has embraced Showell as their mobile sales enablement tool, enhancing the capabilities of their sales teams and healthcare professionals.

This has enabled more effective engagement with clients across their global operations, which span 60 countries. Previously constrained by a locally developed solution for distributing materials, Ottobock sought a robust platform with global capabilities and continuous improvement, leading them to select Showell for its versatility and scalability.

Simplifying Operations and Training with Showell

The implementation of Showell has been transformative for Ottobock, catering to the distinct needs of field sales personnel and healthcare professionals by centralizing a diverse range of content. This consolidation into a unified system has significantly improved operational effectiveness, as highlighted by Charles Henry, Ottobock's Business Development Manager.

Moreover, the shift to a digital-centric approach has not only enhanced work efficiency but also contributed to ecological benefits by reducing the need for printed materials, as noted by Xavier Cocardon, Patient Care Business Development Manager.

Additionally, Showell has become an essential component of Ottobock's internal training and learning framework, further demonstrating its impact beyond external content delivery.

Helping Ottobock Scale with Tangible Benefits

Ottobock's experience with Showell underscores the platform's standout features, including fast and easy search functionality, intuitive content management tool, and insightful analytics that provide a clear understanding of content usage and effectiveness.

The successful onboarding process, facilitated by training in French, underscores Showell's commitment to user-friendly adoption. Charles and Xavier not only endorse Showell but also recommend it enthusiastically, citing its comprehensive advantages and effectiveness in supporting their mission to improve mobility and patient care.

Showell's role in Ottobock's success story highlights its potential as a transformative tool for businesses looking to enhance their sales and training processes.

Valtra Embraced Digital Transformation with Mobile Sales Enablement



Valtra, a world-renowned tractor manufacturer operating in over 75 countries, embarked on a journey to modernize its sales approach. Traditionally reliant on printed brochures for sales and marketing, Valtra struggled to efficiently distribute materials to their teams worldwide.

Showell transformed this process by providing a platform where sales materials could be uploaded once and instantly accessible to sales representatives globally. This shift not only streamlined content management but also enabled the customization of materials for local markets, marking a significant leap towards digitalization in Valtra's sales strategy.

How Showell Impacted Valtra’s Efficiency and Engagement

The introduction of Showell in 2014 marked a turning point for Valtra. The platform's ability to centralize sales materials in one accessible location transformed the way sales teams operated.

No longer bogged down by the logistical nightmares of distributing physical brochures, sales representatives around the world could now leverage Showell to access and share up-to-date content with ease.

This change facilitated a more dynamic and responsive sales process, significantly reducing the time required to disseminate information across Valtra's vast global network. Showell’s intuitive design and functionality was received very well by their sales force, enhancing overall engagement and effectiveness.

Mobile Sales Enablement App: Key Benefits and Global Applause

The company's adoption of Showell underscores the platform's versatility and impact in modernizing sales practices. By enabling immediate global access to sales materials and simplifying the localization process for different markets, Showell has delivered tangible benefits in terms of efficiency and scalability.

Mikko Lehikoinen, Valtra's VP of Sales & Marketing at the time of the interview, highlights the platform's role in welcoming new members to the Valtra family, often met with a "wow" reaction due to its ease of use and comprehensive features.

Lehikoinen's endorsement of Showell for organizations with complex networks or international operations reflects the platform's ability to meet diverse and demanding sales environments, making it a valuable tool for companies looking to enhance their sales infrastructure and global reach.

How to Choose the Right Mobile Sales Enablement Solution for Your Business

When choosing from the myriad of sales enablement tools available, it's crucial to align your choice with your team's specific needs and your business goals. And beyond assessing the tool's features and capabilities, here are several key considerations you include as a part of your decision-making checklist:

  • Transparent Pricing: Look for pricing clarity to ensure you're not investing in unused features. Understanding subscription tiers, included features, and user limits is essential for budget alignment and conducting a thorough cost-benefit analysis compared to other tools.
  • Security and Compliance: Prioritize providers that adhere to stringent security protocols and comply with regulations like GDPR or CCPA. Features such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) are vital for protecting sensitive information.
  • Ease of Use: An intuitive, user-friendly platform is non-negotiable, as it reduces the learning curve and supports quick adoption by your sales team, crucial for maintaining focus on sales goals rather than software navigation.
  • Onboarding and Training: Effective onboarding and comprehensive training are indicative of a vendor's commitment to your success, offering insights into the level of ongoing support and customer service you can expect.
  • Support and Customer Success: Reliable customer support is essential for minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous sales operations, while a focus on customer success reflects a vendor's dedication to a lasting partnership and achieving your business objectives.
  • Multi-language Support: For global teams, multi-language support is critical for enhancing user adoption and satisfaction, enabling sales representatives to fully utilize the tool in their preferred language.

Choosing the right sales enablement tool involves more than just comparing features. It requires a holistic view of pricing transparency, security standards, usability, support, and language options to ensure a perfect fit for your team's needs and business objectives.


👉 Given that not all solutions are created equal, we created a guide to help you simplify the process of choosing one, highlighting the critical elements to consider in selecting a mobile sales enablement solution that meets your specific needs. Check out our Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose the Right Mobile Sales Enablement App.


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Why Choose Showell As Your Mobile Sales Enablement App

At the core of Showell's offerings is its ability to streamline and centralize the management and distribution of sales content. This functionality is pivotal for sales and marketing teams across the globe, enabling them to collaborate and operate with unparalleled efficiency. Showell's platform can be tailored to mirror your brand's identity and is compatible with all devices, available as both a web and native app, with the added benefit of offline access.

Showell stands out as a top-tier sales enablement app, renowned for its comprehensive features and competitive pricing, which starts at an accessible rate of $0/month per person for its free plan. This pricing structure ensures that Showell is attainable for businesses of varying sizes, from burgeoning startups to expansive global enterprises.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing marketing and sales ecosystems, Showell supports connections with popular tools such as Google Workspace, SharePoint/Teams, Dropbox, and more. Find out more about our integrations here. 

For enterprises with global teams looking to simplify operations and enhance their sales processes, Showell presents a modern, straightforward, and user-friendly solution. You can get Showell for free or schedule a demo with sales enablement specialists to see it in action first-hand.

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