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Nov 20225 min read

Stand Out as a Salesperson With Digital Sales Room

As sales encounters move increasingly online, you have a great opportunity to stand out in sales with Digital Sales Rooms. Digital Sales Rooms are micro websites that facilitate the buyer journey under one hub.

Optimizing The Buyer's Experience

A Digital Sales Room is the next logical progression when it comes to streamlining the sales experience and creating more impactful results. This online hub centralizes collaterals for prospects and facilitates the back-and-forth communication that happens throughout the buyer’s journey. It's a game-changing tool for you as a salesperson that allows them to create a more personable exchange, which can often get lost in online selling and, let's be honest, the sea of emails.

Digital Sales Rooms allow businesses to create an environment where only the most relevant information and content is shown to your customer. It feels all the more impressive when branded according to your business, a small but important feature that Showell offers! But its real strength lies in its ability to help you personalize your messaging by crafting targeted content that highly resonates with your prospect based on the data collected on content engagement and interactions.

The Power of Personalization

One study found that personalized email campaigns increased sales by up to 20% compared with non-personalized ones. That's just one email! Personalization is more than just adding your prospect's logo to your sales presentations. It's about creating content that captures your prospect's needs at every touchpoint in the sales journey. When that strategy is applied to an entire business pitch, the effects and impressions it has on potential clients are even more effective, making the likelihood of conversions greater. Here's precisely how it plays out when your sales and marketing teams leverage the power of sales enablement tools like Showell's Digital Sales Room.

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Tracking Sales Content Engagement and Interactions

Every salesperson wants to get into the mind of their client and better understand their wants, needs, pain points they face, and how to best appeal to them. Data analytics is the closest thing to mind reading, and with a Digital Sales Room, it fits right into the sales funnel. By gathering real-time insights on how and when your prospects interact with your sales materials, whether that be your price comparison document or a demo video, you're able to better anticipate and address their needs at the right moment.

Salespeople can adapt their outreach and presentations based on what and how clients interact with materials.


With the help of analytics, you now have a concrete indication of how all the content you're using to sell impacts the sales cycle and your audience.

Foundation for Creating the Right Impression

This creates a system for buyer enablement, which empowers prospects to make the best decision for themselves based on the information they are provided. It also cuts through the fluff that often comes with selling. Talk to any salesperson, and they've all made the mistake of waffling on about a product or feature that may not be relevant to the prospect. This way, with the data gathered, your salespeople have a solid starting point.

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Buyer engagement and behavior data also have the added benefit of improving target forecasting and assigning account prioritization.

For example, if a salesperson shares materials through the Digital Sales Room and the prospect glances at it briefly and never opens the files again, you have a pretty good indication that they weren't won over. 

Learn to create sales content that your sellers love

On the other hand, if a prospect spends a reasonable amount of time with the materials, shares it with other key stakeholders, re-visits collaterals again, and spends a significant amount of time on one slide mulling over the details – that’s an indication you've got one foot in the door! All those data points and more are readily available through Showell and can drastically impact your company's sales performance.

Benefits of Tracking Sales Content

Data can feed all aspects of the sales cycle and inform how you approach different stakeholders at different times. It's handy for building out different sales personas and creating content based on what information they might seek out. For example, how you present to an end user may have different nuances than how you'd present to a distributor.

When using Showell, all the data for each account will be stored in the same Digital Sales Room, allowing insights to be readily available and easy to digest.

Showell's Digital Sales Room is all about improving the buyer's experience, guiding sales and marketing teams to keep content relevant, optimizing the ease of content sharing, pairing intuitive conferencing tools with a presentation hub, and creating a branded environment that leads to fewer sales touchpoints. All these factors increase the velocity of closing deals.


Digital Sales Rooms Are a Must-Have in Modern B2B Sales

McKinsey found that video conferencing accounted for 43% of the average B2B company's revenue during the pandemic, and that isn’t likely to go away. While Gartner found that 80% of B2B sales between suppliers and buyers will occur through digital channels by 2025. All the statistics point in one direction and one direction only. Digital Sales Rooms will not only become the norm but the expectation when buying in a B2B environment. The question is, will you embrace the future now or later?

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Centralize Your Sales Collateral with Showell

We've seen it – the issue of dealing with silos, inconsistent onboarding, and content not being used by your team. We made a solution with these pain points in mind. Showell is an award-winning tool made to centralize all sales collaterals for easier onboarding, presenting with ease and assurance that you will have nothing but updated content, data to track engagement and activity to understand your prospects better, and so much more.

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