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Apr 2022 4 min read

The Content Blind Spots Problem and How to Deal With It

When sales and marketing teams don’t have the right tool to track the collateral they share with prospects, content blind spots will likely happen. They can have a devastating effect on a sales performance if you don’t address them as soon as possible.

What are content blind spots? What is in your power to prevent them? Here are a couple of things you can do.

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To What Extent Do Content Blind Spots Stunt Decision Making

When you share pdfs, videos or other non-web based files with your prospects, you have no idea how they engage with these materials, let alone if they consume it at all. This also implies that you don’t have no way of tracking or measuring how content is being shared. Not knowing if your sales guys are using the files made by marketing, or if prospects react to them can hinder your decisions around messaging, content production and even sales performance.

An average sales rep in the B2B environment has a lot of ground to cover. Holding meetings with decision-makers requires a great amount of preparation and research. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered, preparation for possible objections and uncertainties - this is where precise content is vital. In order to present your product's best value, you'll need a variety of content to showcase that. Tracking how sales reps share these documents or how customers consume them is key.

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If you have content blind spots, you don’t know which content delivers the best results, what content format your prospects engage in more, and how content is shared by your sales reps. In practice, it may be tough to catch it. Here is how it looks.

Typically, after a sales rep meets with a prospect, the sales rep would send over the presentation deck along with an email to thank the prospect for their time and offer to meet again at the prospect's next availability to discuss further. Without a sales enablement tool, the sales rep waits for the stars to align, hoping that the prospect was interested enough to open the presentation, engage. Had the sales rep used a tool to track the shared content, they would have been able to follow up with a counter-argument or detect the level of interest, based on how the prospect engaged in the content.

Scale this scenario up across your teams of sales reps and dozens of meetings.

There are many potentially lost deals only because you have no way of measuring and tracking content adoption and engagement.

Content blind spots can affect your sales operation in several ways. If you discover lower conversion rates, discrepancies in sales patterns, and poor quality of customer relationships, prospects quickly losing interest, the chances are that you have content blind spots.

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This is where Showell, a top-rated sales enablement platform, comes in. 

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How Showell and Ccontent Tracking Can Help Avoid Content Blind Spots

Running a sales team is a bit of a challenge, let alone tracking the content usage manually or implementing some sort of system made in a makeshift manner. Imagine being able to track your content usage and see reports on demand from a single dashboard. It would be nice, wouldn't it? Well, that’s exactly what Showell can do for you.

There are two distinctive features designed to enable marketing teams to discover content that contributes to the highest conversion rates.


Content Management

Showell Content Management enables you to have one centralized place for all of your sales collateral. It doesn't stop there - Showell allows you to manage, edit, share, and present your sales collateral without having to leave the app. Everything is done in one platform, you no longer need to constantly delete outdated documents and upload updated ones. With Showell, you can have confidence that only the latest and most relevant versions of your sales collateral are saved.

Showell Analytics

With Showell Analytics, you  can easily assess how your content is performing and how your it's being shared by your sales team. With the insights you can find in the analytics, you can make data-backed and strategic decisions to make content with an impact. Showell Sales Content Analytics is broken down to four types, so you can see more detailed information for specific segments:

  • Content Analytics: Showell's Content Analytics collates insights like page views, average and total duration spent viewing the materials, shares, downloads and a summary of search terms.
  • User Analytics: Beyond that, Showell's User Analytics gathers relevant internal team data, like how much time your sales representatives spent in the Showell app or how many times they shared content and how many views it got.
  • Group Analytics: Showell's Group Analytics delivers an overview of sessions and document views across each arm of your business, everyone from your customer success department to the sales and management teams.
  • Share Analytics: Here you have an overview of every document interaction, like when it was shared and by who, how many files and recipients were included, times opened, last opened, view times and downloads.

Do you want to see content usage tracking in action? Book a demo now and never have a content blind spot again!