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Businessman standing and making his choice between times
Markus LehtoMay 20202 min read

Time is precious, make sure you use it wisely!

Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.
- Jim Rohn, American entrepreneur

When comparing time and money it isn’t just about the quantity, the actual amount of time or money. More time is actually associated with greater happiness. The feeling of having more time adds quality to one's life. This has been proven in academic researches time after time.

How to get more time?

Lately, we’ve heard the news about businesses that have started to re-consider the value of time. There have been experiments of cutting down work hours; either from 5 to 4 working days per week or from 8 to 6 hours per day. In either case, the argumentation is that a creative mind doesn’t work by a clock.

The creativity isn’t counted by hours but by the results

And yes, of course, the human mind needs time to recover too. The idea is that by cutting down office hours, people can invest time in learning, reading, getting in better shape, or spending time with their loved ones. All proven activities to increase productivity at the office also.

Time in sales work

In sales the more time you invest in your prospects and customers, the more they’ll buy from you. But the world around sales is changing. Salespeople have creative minds too. They need to recover, learn, stay in shape and they have families too.

In sales you still beat the odds by the numbers

Now, think what would happen if your sales team cut 20% out of the time they work? Would the number of new prospects, customers, and won cases collapse? Would it make the revenue rush down and eventually the whole business go bankrupt?

Then again, what if the team did the exact same number of prospecting, meetings, and offers in 20% less time? Then there wouldn’t be any negative effect on the total numbers, right.


Showell saves time

We did research on Showell users, and more than 9/10 users said Showell saves their time. Now the valuable question is what is done with that saved time. For some teams more time means more customer meetings, for some teams they use the time to get more education, some teams get days off to spend with their families. When you think about it, in any case, the saved time will create more value and eventually increase the revenue.

So, with any amount of money, you can’t buy time, but by saving time you’ll teams' results will increase, your business will prosper and your life will get better.

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