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Markus Lehto

Markus has over 15 years of experience in marketing communications. His passion is to create better communication and to help people understand each other better. Markus is one of the founding partners of Showell.

Blog Post by Markus Lehto

Top 5 agile sales enablement platforms

The right sales enablement platform can facilitate your salespeople in effortlessly ...
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The TOP 5 of Sales Enablement

Studies show that companies with sales enablement solutions and processes achieve better ...
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Webinar: Learn to reach and connect with your customers better!

Getting ghosted sucks! And a total radio silence can easily end any relationship in ...
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Webinar: How content sharing accelerates B2B sales?

Modern B2B buying processes are complicated and can last for months. How could a sales ...
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Modern sales trends - this is how we sell in 2021

What we’ve learned in 2020 is that anything can happen. We also learned that agile and ...
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Download free sales enablement handbook

  Sales enablement handbook Sales enablement is not just another sales or marketing tool. ...
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Sales Innovation Expo 2021

Join us for Europe's leading event for the future of sales! London on 16th - 17th June ...
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Learn 8 rules of tailoring your presentations

An elephant and blind men You might know the story: A group of blind men ran into a ...
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The future of account based marketing

Account-Based Marketing was what marketing departments were doing before technological ...
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Succeed in sales with pre-sales survey

Pre-sales work is your secret weapon to success These days almost everyone who wants to ...
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Tear down silos and start winning together!

What are silos in businesses?  Usually, the case is that sales reps complain about how ...
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