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Markus Lehto Jun 2021 10 min read

Top 5 agile sales enablement platforms

The right sales enablement platform can facilitate your salespeople in effortlessly finding, presenting and sharing the latest, on-brand sales materials at the right time with their customers.

As with all solutions, there is a wide variety available on the market and the challenge is selecting the right tool for the job, without incurring too much expense. To get you started, we have chosen five of the most agile sales enablement tools by their market presence, growth and product quality:

  • Showell
  • Scaura
  • Pitcher
  • Paperflite
  • Modus

For each platform, we have included a product description, information about to whom the product is targeted, information about pricing, and also user reviews from software comparison platforms G2 and Capterra

To fully learn how any of these tools could benefit your sales, we recommend reading more from their web pages and booking a demo.




Founded almost a decade ago, the Finland-based startup is one of the founders of the sales enablement movement. In June 2021, Showell became the first in its field to launch a freemium model, which aims to open their productivity tool to the masses.

Its intuitive and powerful sales enablement platform provides an always up-to-date central content library. This helps all customer-facing professionals to prepare, present, share and deliver a winning buyer experience in every meeting and interaction, virtually and face-to-face. 

For whom

Showell is used by tens of thousands of sales professionals from a wide range of industries, including machines and vehicles, construction, technology, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, energy and waste, and B2B software.

While its main target is mid-market, it offers the features and scalability to meet the demands of small businesses and large enterprises alike, such as Volvo, Staples, Ponsse, Bosch, Sandvik, Vernacare and Massey Ferguson.


Showell is one of the few sales enablement vendors that offers a freemium plan (25 document limit), along with its self-service Essential plan (€15/user/month, 50 document limit) and Professional plan (unlimited files) that starts at €40/user/month. Volume discounts are available for many users.

See pricing for more information.

What do customers say about Showell?

"I can create a tailored and professional looking presentation in just matter of minutes."

"In the beginning we had some issues to get it to show/present correctly on all different phone platforms, but after it got fixed it has been displaying and working correctly."

"It is so simple to use and you can make this bespoke to your business."

"Some of the editing options could be more versatile and easier and faster to use."


  G2 Capterra
Overall rating 4.6/5 4.7/5
Ease of use 9.4/10 4.6/5
Customer support 9.4/10 4.7/5

* Reviews are subject to continuous change. The industry average in for "ease of use" is 8.9 and for "customer support" 9.1.


By packing powerful sales enablement features into a user-friendly and affordable solution, Showell is best suited for mid-market companies, between 25-500 users. In addition, it can easily serve large enterprises who appreciate the ease of use and app-like user experience. Showell provides the best-in-class ROI.

Request a demo here


Scaura logo 800x250


Scaura is an Amsterdam-based presentation software company for B2B sales teams, which focuses on brand experience and provides an interactive way of presenting. Founded in 2015, their platform analyses what resonates with prospects and clients in an engaging branded environment to help improve Customer Buying Experiences.

It offers a template based, intuitive solution and is easy to set up, meaning you can begin aligning your commercial teams with content that you control. It also supports the optimization of sales content through analytical insights.

For whom

Scaura serves globally recognized clients from all over the world in many various industries, including Royal DSM, Vaillant, Club Med, Grundfos, Royal IHC, Rehau and MGM Resorts. It is ideal for sales team with up to 10 people, as well as for enterprise clients.


Scaura does not offer a freemium version but does provide a free trial. There are a few different models available, beginning with the Portal user license (€7.50 per user per month, billed annually) that gives you access to a Branded Asset Portal from which you can search, share and download the right content.

There is also the Presenter Web user license (€17.50 per user per month, billed annually) and Presenter user license (€27.50 per user per month, billed annually), which provide users with the ability to prepare, present and share from a custom-branded environment that is either online or offline.

See pricing for more information.

What do customers say about Scaura?

“It has a friendly and intuitive interface. It has flexibility and effectiveness.”

“Easy to use on Apple iPad, easy to handle at trade shows and sales presentations.”

“Good tool in terms of storage, presentations and statistics.”

“I wish it was more customizable in terms of look of ‘buttons’”


  G2 Capterra
Overall rating 4.7/5 4.5/5
Ease of use 9.5/10 4.7/5
Customer support 9.5/10 4.6/5

*Reviews are subject to continuous change. The industry average in for "ease of use" is 8.9 and for "customer support" 9.1.


Scaura is on a mission to help companies drive their B2B sales results via their easy-to-use and intuitive software platform. It brings digital content to sales teams and supports client interaction with the relevant content. Being a SaaS (software as a service), customers can implement their platform without depending on IT, which is also easy to implement, maintain and use.

Request a demo here.


Pitcher logo 800x250


Headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, Pitcher is a provider of sales enablement and content management for field sales and marketing teams. It was the first company to harness the potential of mobile for Field Sales in vertical markets.

With its all-in-one application, field sales and marketing professionals can plan for, execute and analyse customers' interactions. Sales reps, as well as sales and marketing teams, are able to perform their dedicated tasks by leveraging intuitive mobile technology built on the industry’s best practices.

Launched in 2011, its immersive software can be executed on various desktop and mobile devices to better engage customers and field reps throughout the entire sales and marketing lifecycle. 

For whom

Fortune 500 companies across specific vertical markets in life sciences, consumer goods, manufacturing, financial services, and other industries are using Pitcher to drive customer engagement and commercial excellence. It is in use in 140 countries.


Pitcher do not have a free version but do offer a free seven-day trial. Their pricing model starts at $20 (€16,50) per user per month for the Self-Service Edition and they invite individual contact requests regarding the price of the top-level Enterprise platform.

Contact Pitcher for more information.

What customers say about Showell? 

“Pitcher is very user friendly and intuitive.”

“Implementation of the new version took longer than expected due to various reasons.”

“Pitcher was a good tool for managing our sales content, to create a single repository.”

“The platform lacked advanced features, including the ability to easily view analytics.”


Showell has the best user experience and ease of use rating in G2 of all five. 

  G2 Capterra
Overall rating 4.5/5 3.7/5
Ease of use 9.0/10  4.0/5
Customer support 9.4/10 3.7/5

*Reviews are subject to continuous change. The industry average in for "ease of use" is 8.9 and for "customer support" 9.1.


With its content management and automation, as well as multichannel and remote engagement, Pitcher offers deep technology and real-world usability that provides sales reps with a functional mobile experience. It also provides management with more accurate reports that supports better decision making based on an improved understanding of the market.

Request a demo here.


Paperflite logo 800x250


Paperflite is a US- and India-based firm that provides marketing collateral and sales enablement software, which allows sales and marketing teams to organize, distribute and share their content. Founded 2016, it supports customer-facing teams to find the right content, create custom microsites to share content, share via secured channels, and track how prospects engage.

Its real-time engagement analytics ensure that sales and marketing teams know how end-users interact with the content, as well as when it is accessed, viewed or shared. By tracking your content across its entire journey, you can better understand what works best. 

For whom

Paperflite is used by a number of the world's most innovative businesses, both big and small, ranging from Carlsberg, S&P Global, Siemens, SAP Ariba and Freshworks to the Inter-American Development Bank and Canadian Women's Chamber of Commerce.


While they do not offer a freemium version, there is a 30-day trial of any of their models. The cheapest is Starter, which is recommended for teams of 1-10 people or up to 50 digital assets – it costs $30 (€25) per month per user.

Priced at $50 (€40) per month per user, the Professional mid-cost option is recommended for teams of 10-200 people or up to 500 digital assets. Paperflite also offer an Enterprise model.

See pricing for more information.

What do customers say about Paperflite?

“It is so easy to view files that I want to keep attaching them!”

“I wish it was more customizable, that is my biggest and only complaint.”

“The UI is so easy to understand that I did not need any tutorial to get started.”

“Tracking investor engagement. I can tell which ones are serious or not.”


  G2 Capterra
Overall rating 4.8/5 4.9/5
Ease of use 9.7/10 4.7/5
Customer support 9.8/10 5/5

*Reviews are subject to continuous change. The industry average in for "ease of use" is 8.9 and for "customer support" 9.1.


As one of the leading marketing collateral and sales enablement software, Paperflite allows sales and marketing teams to organize, distribute and share their content. It can track content across its entire journey and the real-time engagement analytics deliver an insight into how end-users are accessing, viewing or sharing the content.

Request a demo here.


Modus logo 800x250


Modus is a US-based sales enablement platform that was founded in 2013. Its app provides instant access to content, interactive tools and skills development, as well as helping direct and indirect sellers to transform their sales engagement with better conversations.

It can distribute content, go-to-market programs and prepare reps and dealers when they engage with buyers and customers. Meaningful engagement is achieved by automatically deploying personalized microsites to answer the demands of buyers for digital experiences. It culminates in the collaboration of sales, marketing and ops teams to continuously achieve sales growth goals.

For whom

World-class brands, including Caterpillar, AT&T, Philips, Toro, Stanley Black & Decker, Ambry Genetics, Somero Enterprises, DJO and Land O'Lakes, are all listed as customers of Modus.  


There is no freemium model, but a free trial is available. From a fully branded suite of apps down to only user subscriptions, Modus offers a wide variety of customization and subscription options, with prices starting from $7.99 (€6.50) per user per month.

Contact Modus for more information.

What do customers say about Modus?

“Modus is quick to respond to functionality requests for improvement.”

“Would be nice to have more analytics on customer interaction.”

“Virtual product tours allow customers to interact with the product.”

“The app can become quite large if you don't monitor it.”


  G2 Capterra
Overall rating 4.3/5 4.2/5
Ease of use 8.8/10 4.0/5
Customer support 8.9/10 4.5/5

*Reviews are subject to continuous change. The industry average in for "ease of use" is 8.9 and for "customer support" 9.1.


Modus provides software and tools that are easy to use, as well as a familiar user experience that increases adoption and usage. It can be simply set up and configured to fit a customer’s needs, while sales reps are prepared for any situation with its anytime access. It also includes value-based analytics that measure content effectiveness and buyer engagement.

Request a demo here.


Information for this article has been gathered from the following sources: 

  • Vendor websites
  • G2 and Capterra reviews
  • Customer interviews


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