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Jun 20248 min read

6 Use Cases of 3D Configurator Software in Sales Enablement

Did you know that sales enablement is an integral part of any business? It gives your sales team the tools and resources to successfully close deals.

With sales enablement, it boosts your team's productivity and revenue. One such tool that will empower your sales team is a 3D configurator software.

This innovative tool allows businesses to create customizable 3D models of their products. In this guide, I will discuss the top 5 use cases of 3D configurator software in sales enablement. 

What you'll find in this blog:


What is a 3D Product Configurator?

According to 3D Glossary, a 3D product configurator is a sales enablement tool that allows businesses to create customizable 3D models of their products. This tool enables customers to interact with and customize the product model according to their preferences.

This tool helps businesses provide an accurate quote for the customized product, improve the sales process, and enhance the customer experience. 

Roadmap to Develop a 3D Configurator

The process of building this sales enablement tool involves 3D modeling of products, programming of the configurator software, and integrating it with the company's e-commerce platform.

In other words, the building process requires a combination of hardware, software, and design expertise to create an immersive and interactive customer experience.

The effort required depends on a product's complexity and features, but typically, a team of designers, programmers, and project managers is involved in building a 3D sales configurator. 


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Businesses that Use 3D Product Configurators to Boost their Sales

Industries such as jewelry,  furniture, cars, modular homes, kitchens, and baths, have adopted 3D configurators to give customers a personalized buying experience.

3D product configurators enhance the sales process and increase customer satisfaction by allowing customers to customize and visualize products in real time.

Brands such as VividWorks, Threekit, Zakeke, and Kbmax offer 3D configurator software solutions for businesses of all sizes. These customizable and scalable software solutions allow companies to create a unique and engaging product configurator tailored to their needs.

6 Advantages of 3D Configurator Software in Sales

3D configurator software is a powerful tool that simplifies the quoting process and eliminates the risk of errors, leading to a smoother sales experience for both you and your customers.

From improving accuracy to enhancing customer engagement, it offers a multitude of benefits. Here's a closer look at six ways this technology can elevate your sales strategy:

1. Increase Accuracy in Sales Quoting

A kitchen countertop shown from a 3D configurator with 'modules', 'accessories', and 'materials' setting for modification

Credit: VividWorks' Case Study: Shopify Storage Configurator

One of the main benefits of using 3D product configurator software is that it increases the accuracy of sales quotes.

Sales teams often struggle to provide accurate quotes for complex products, which leads to lost sales and decreased customer satisfaction.

With 3D configurator software, all the necessary product details are in the software, and it automatically generates an accurate quote. This saves time and eliminates the risk of errors in the quoting process.

For example, a company that manufactures custom furniture should use 3D configurator software so that their potential customers can customize their furniture and receive an accurate quote based on their choices.

By using a 3D configurator, the quote will always be accurate, which will help you avoid any misunderstandings or surprises later on. This feature will increase customer satisfaction and drive sales, which will help your company grow and succeed.

2. More Efficient Sales Process: Save Time for the Sales Team

3D sales configurator software makes the sales process more efficient and saves the sales team time. Traditionally, sales teams would have to spend a lot of time creating custom product designs for customers; this is a thing of the past for those who have incorporated this tool into their businesses.

In the past, the sales team of a furniture-making business would have to spend hours creating designs for each customer, which would take up much time and energy.

But now, with the help of 3D sales configurator software, their potential clients can easily create and quickly create custom product designs for themselves. By enabling clients to visualize and customize products, 3D configurators create a shared starting point for discussions, leading to more focused communication.

The sales team will have more time to focus on making sales and growing the business instead of getting bogged down with design work.

3.  Increased Cost-Effectiveness

Businesses that use sales enablement tools such as a 3D product configurator tool help a company save money in several ways.

First, since clients can visualize products they have designed using the configurator, there is a lower likelihood of returns. This reduces the costs associated with processing returns and handling defective products.

Secondly, sales cycles are shorter since the configurator allows customers to design and customize products, reducing the need for extensive sales interactions. This saves the company money of chasing leads and conducting multiple sales interactions. 


💡 Here's an example: Swatch is a Swiss watchmaker that offers a wide range of customizable watches. It uses 3D configurator software in sales enablement.

Using the 3D configurator software on their website, customers can choose their watch's color, strap, and other features before purchasing. This enhances the customer experience and encourages them to buy personalized products.

As a result, Swatch has seen an increase in sales.


Furthermore, using the sales enablement tool has helped Swatch save money by reducing returns. Customers who customize their watches are more likely to be satisfied with their purchase as they have chosen the features. This reduces the likelihood of returns and other costs such as shipping, restocking, or lost sales.

Implementing this sales enablement tool has proven to be a smart move by Swatch. It has helped them increase sales by offering personalized products and reduce costs by reducing returns.

4. Improve Sales Presentation with Stunning 3D Visuals

3D product configurators also improve sales by providing stunning 3D visuals to potential clients.

The software creates realistic 3D models of products, allowing customers to see what the finished product will look like before they make a purchase. This will improve your clients' experience significantly, ultimately increasing sales since your client can visualize their end products before they buy them. 

3D Configuration for Modular Space

3D configuration is widely used in not only eCommerce but also property development and construction. A 3D configurator can give customers a personalized and interactive experience when conceptualizing a modular building. The 3D configurators can help them visualize, build, and customize their modular building based on their preferences. With 3D configurators, property development companies save millions of dollars from the rework costs and delays in project completion.


💡 For example:

Sankyo Frontier, a leading modular space provider, employed advanced 3D product configuration for modular space to create their mobile space simulator. The Mobile Space Simulator is a Visual Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software that allows users to effortlessly design floor plans by enabling horizontally combining units for spacious layouts and vertically stacking units to create up to a three-story building.

The tool is to streamline the manufacturing process and enhance the customer experience with customers' increasing demands and preferences. 


Modular spaces by Sanko Frontier floating in space

Credit: VividWorks: Modular Space 3D Configurator

5. Collect Analytics and Actionable Insights

The 3D sales configurator software collects analytics and provides actionable insights. The software tracks customer behavior and preferences, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions. This will help businesses improve their sales strategies and drive more sales.

A company that manufactures custom jewelry can use a 3D configurator software to track customer behavior and preferences. The software can collect data on which design options customers prefer, allowing the company to make data-driven decisions on which products to promote.

6. Enhance Customer Experience and Engagement

Put yourself in your customers' shoes. Imagine them crafting their ideal product, tailored exactly to their preferences. 3D configurators turn this vision into reality, creating a more interactive and engaging buying experience that keeps them coming back for more.

With real-time customization, customers can personalize products with interactive controls, boosting engagement and satisfaction. On top of that, high-fidelity 3D models build confidence by letting customers visualize their creation.

By providing a personalized and interactive experience, 3D configurators transform customers from passive viewers into active participants. This not only increases satisfaction but also leads to higher conversion rates and brand loyalty.


As we have read in this guide, the  3D configurator software is an innovative tool that improves the sales enablement process in various industries. From the furniture industry to the automotive industry, businesses should use this technology to create personalized and immersive product experiences for their customers.

By increasing accuracy in sales quoting, saving time for the sales team, increasing cost effectiveness, improving sales presentation, and collecting analytics and actionable insights, the 3D tool is useful to a sales team.

The software can also be used for training and collaboration within sales teams. With the increasing demand for personalized and interactive buying experiences, 3D configurator software will continue to grow in popularity. 

With the help of these technologies and the power of sales enablement tools like Showell, you can make buyer experience your competitive advantage. 

Learn more about Sales Enablement: 


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