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Jun 20235 min read

3D and Augmented Reality in Sales: 3 Real-World Examples

In the competitive world of sales and marketing, you need a secret weapon to impress your buyers. That secret weapon is 3D and Augmented Reality (AR).

In this blog, we’ll walk you through three impressive real-world examples of how these technologies can help to transform your sales experience - and blow your buyers’ minds. In fact, visual aids improve understanding by 400%!

Porsche: Leverage the Power of 3D and Augmented Reality to Impress Buyers in Meetings


Take a leaf from the book of Porsche, the luxury car manufacturer. Rather than relying on glossy brochures or a snazzy website, Porsche leveraged the power of 3D and AR to introduce their Taycan electric vehicle.

During face-to-face or remote meetings, their sales representatives are able to present a 3D model of the car, allowing customers to inspect its design, features, and interior right in their living room or office. This immersive, interactive experience dramatically improved customer engagement and shortened the sales cycle. 

However, it doesn’t need to be a luxury product that you’re selling. You can use 3D/AR technologies to visualize almost any physical machine or object and help your client to understand how it works in different situations and what are its benefits. 

Sandvik: Overcome Trade Show Limitations with 3D Models and Augmented Reality


A masterstroke in this field comes from Sandvik, a leading global manufacturer of machines used in mining and construction. They cleverly combined 3D models with a mobile sales enablement app to overcome the constraints of floor space at trade shows. Visitors at Sandvik's booth could view full-size models of their immense machines through their mobile devices.

This enabled them to virtually walk around the equipment, zoom into its features, and explore its functionality in detail, all while a sales representative talked them through the specifics.

This approach not only saved valuable floor space but also delivered a uniquely immersive and informative experience to the booth visitors.

Read and learn more about how Sandvik uses 3D and AR to help their salespeople and dealers to sell better →

Habasit: Convey Complex Functionality through Interactive 3D Factory Tours


The third case is that of Habasit, a Swiss manufacturer of belts used in various industrial applications. Realizing that their product, while small, plays a critical role in the functionality of a production line, Habasit created an interactive, animated 3D factory tour. This tour visually demonstrates how their conveyor belting solutions effectively move products through a production line.

This approach serves to emphasize the importance and utility of their product in the broader context of the factory's operation.

Through this immersive tour, Habasit's salespeople can convey the functionality of their belting solutions in face-to-face meetings, remote meetings, and even allow customers to explore the functionality independently.

This method of visualizing otherwise static products brings to life their role and effectiveness in a real-world, operational context.

Explore more fascinating examples of 3D product configurators across various industries in this comprehensive Top 10 Product Configurator Examples article by VividWorks.

How to Use 3D and Augmented Reality with Sales Enablement Software

To fully take advantage of the capabilities of these technologies, using them with sales enablement software is the key to success.

Platforms like Showell not only offer AR functionality for showcasing 3D product models to your clients, as Porsche and Sandvik did but also support interactive "smart tools" - a feature used effectively by Habasit.

Showell is capable of handling various types of 3D content "out-of-the-box", meaning that uploading a 3D object immediately allows it to be displayed and rotated 360 degrees.


To use AR, you'll need a mobile sales app and a device that supports augmented reality.

For instance, all iOS devices come with this support. When you open 3D objects in the sales enablement app, it presents these models in an augmented reality setting. This makes the product appear as if it's right on the floor or table in front of you.

By tapping into the power of 3D and AR, you can deliver a more engaging sales pitch, enable the buyer to visualize the product in their own environment, and likely position yourself ahead of your competitors. Make the most of these transformative technologies and raise your sales game to the next level.

Learn how Ponsse is using sales enablement and 3D to improve their dealer’s product knowledge →

The Future of 3D and Augmented Reality

As we look toward the future, it's clear that 3D and AR technologies are set to become ubiquitous in sales and marketing.

They promise to redefine product presentation, paving the way for even more immersive and interactive customer experiences. With the ongoing development of virtual or mixed reality glasses, coupled with the rise of mobile AR capabilities, opportunities are only set to multiply.

There's already a range of virtual reality/augmented reality headsets on the market, with Apple's Vision Pro headset being one of the latest additions.

While current headsets may appear a bit bulky, make no mistake - this is just the starting point. We can expect these devices to evolve into something more akin to regular eyeglasses, enabling us to step into an alternative reality in sales meetings.


Don't let your sales pitch fade into the background. Stand out by integrating 3D and AR into your sales strategy and create unforgettable customer experiences.

With the help of these technologies and the power of Showell’s sales enablement solution, you can get ahead of the curve and elevate your sales and customer engagement levels. Remember, the future is not ahead of us - it has already arrived.

To delve deeper into how 3D configurators can revolutionize product visualization and buying experience, check out The Ultimate Guide to 3D Configurators by VividWorks, providing valuable insights for marketers, designers, and e-commerce business owners.

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