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Gather Critical Customer Data

We know how users consume our blog, if they click on our ads and if they open our newsletters. But, does marketing and sales know if their prospecting content is being consumed?

When it comes to sales meetings, both marketing and sales are often in the blind as to what prospects and customers like most about the attached files shared.

These insights could make or break a deal and can help marketing and sales guide conversations and have the necessary tools to making a sale.

Find out how track them with this handy guide!

The Problem

Sales collateral is a basic tool to help move opportunities down the funnel. Not to mention that this content can be repurposed and used as lead gen as well.

However, it is very common for sales collateral to go untracked. Most of the time, marketing and sales are operating blind or based on trends and indirect correlations when it comes to sales funnel content.

Between not knowing what the sales team shares and missing out on what customers engage with the most, your content strategy can suffer greatly.

The Solution

In the guide above you will get great insights on the kind of metrics you could be tracking and what they mean.
However, in the meantime, Showell can help you understand how your content is being used and consumed.
With detailed metrics on how your sales team uses your content, you will be able to better train and onboard teams to avoid performance inconsistencies.
And with the customer engagement analytics, you will know exactly what your customers love and what they need more information on.