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Top Tips for Dealer Based Sales

Managing large dealer organizations can be a little hectic and challenging. You have to make sure that they all have proper onboarding and access to the right content.

This can be difficult as, usually, you don't have a centralized platform for all your dealers and inhouse reps. Additionally, keeping track of all versions of collateral can prove to be very challenging.

Not to mention that, with dealers and partners, you are possibly competing with other brands in their portfolio.

In this Playbook, we will guide through five best practices on how to get your dealers in tip-top shape and preferring your brand to all others.

The Problem

We know how difficult a dealer network might be to align. There are hundreds of reps that you can only influence to sell your products and sell them properly.
Onboarding can be a hassle, what with a lot of them being remote and never knowign exactlyhow the information is relayed to new dealers joinign your partners.
And sharing content to different platforms for different partners can end up with you not knowing who is using what content. Or even if it's the right content.

The Solution

With this document, you will be able to get a few best tips on how to centralize your content and better prepare your dealers to answer prospect questions.
In the meantime, you can start off by trying Showell. With it, you can make sure each of your dealers has access to the latest content your produced and update. They will have a seamless Digital Sales Room to present tailored and approved content to prospects.
Better yet, you will be able to know if the dealers are sharing your material and whether customers are engaging with it or not.