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Feb 20249 min read

B2B Sales Enablement: How Companies Turn Challenges into Success

What if your sales reps could access engaging sales pitches and relevant information instantly, right at their fingertips? Here’s where B2B sales enablement comes in.

Nowadays, managing global teams and diverse dealer networks presents unique challenges but not impossible to overcome. This blog explores how Showell, a leading B2B sales enablement platform simplifies the sales process.

See how our straightforward yet impactful platform equips your team for success.

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Showell: Your B2B Sales Enablement Platform

Showell is a B2B sales enablement tool, equipped with functionalities that enable sales representatives to craft customized presentations, efficiently organize and distribute sales content, and track customer engagement with content analytics.

Importantly, Showell offers compatibility with most devices, including web, desktop, and mobile applications, and a native app, ensuring its utility even in offline scenarios.

Core Features of a B2B Sales Enablement Platform


Sales Content Management

Showell's content management functionality streamlines the categorization of content into folders and implements access controls based on criteria such as region, product, persona, or sales phase. It facilitates quick content retrieval for sales professionals within the app through the use of keywords or tags.

Showell further empowers content managers or marketing departments to synchronize updates across all platforms, ensuring that the sales force is equipped with up-to-date and relevant content.


Content Personalization

The platform allows sales teams to customize and personalize every pitch seamlessly blend various content types, including PDFs, videos, and 3D models, to forge presentations that truly engage their target audience.


Sales Meeting and Presenting Features

The sales meeting and presentation feature provides sales professionals with the ability to conduct presentations in a branded environment, mirroring your company's branding and ethos.

With Showell, sales pitches are accessible on any device, enriched with interactive tools such as drawing, zooming, and annotating for a dynamic presentation experience. The platform supports multimedia elements and intelligent sales tools to elevate the presentation impact.


Content Sharing

Showell enables the sharing of sales materials through a singular link to a Digital Sales Room, simplifying access for buyers without necessitating additional software.

The platform also includes security options like custom PIN codes, expiration dates, view-only access, download permissions, and email verification for entry.


Analytics and Content Insights

Showell’s analytics can be split into two categories: seller activity and buyer activity.

Insights into seller activity assist marketing teams in gauging how sales materials are utilized and their influence on sales outcomes, facilitating content refinement.

Buyer activity insights allow sales professionals to monitor buyer interactions with the content, shedding light on interest levels and the engagement of potential new stakeholders, providing critical data for follow-up strategies and engagement tactics.


Now, we’ll look into how world-renowned companies from various industries have adapted Showell to showcase key use cases of a B2B sales enablement platform.

Elevating Luxury in Every Home: The Gaggenau Journey

Gaggenau stands as a pinnacle of luxury appliance craftsmanship, with its roots tracing back to 1683. As a subsidiary of Bosch-Siemens Hausgeräte (BSH Hausgeräte), Gaggenau has established itself as a global leader in the luxury appliance market.

Renowned for its timeless design, exceptional craftsmanship, and unparalleled performance, Gaggenau continues to innovate, ensuring that each product is a testament to its rich heritage and commitment to excellence.

With a vast network of dealers worldwide, Gaggenau brings sophisticated luxury into the modern home, embodying a legacy that blends tradition with cutting-edge technology.


Staying Ahead of Competition: Gaggenau's Dealer Dilemma

The scene of luxury appliances is a competitive one and Gaggenau faced a significant challenge: remaining the preferred choice among its dealers. With a vast dealer network acting as the primary retail front for Gaggenau's products, the brand found itself vying for attention in a crowded marketplace.

The key struggle was influencing dealers' salespeople to prioritize Gaggenau over competitors. "You can't control them in every detail. You have to influence them," explains Magnus Falk, Gaggenau's Marketing Manager. The battle to stay on top of mind required a strategic approach to ensure Gaggenau remained at the forefront of dealers' recommendations.

The key struggle was influencing dealers' salespeople to prioritize Gaggenau over competitors. "You can't control them in every detail. You have to influence them." - Magnus Falk, Gaggenau


Empowering Sales with Seamless Access to Essential Content

Showell emerged as the game-changer for Gaggenau, transforming how their sales teams access, present, and share product information. By providing a platform where salespeople could easily retrieve updated and relevant content—including videos, images, presentations, and even 3D models—Showell ensured that Gaggenau's sales representatives were always prepared, even offline.

This accessibility transformed the sales experience, making it seamless and customized for every client interaction.

Analytics-Driven Sales Strategy: A New Era of Engagement

Showell's analytics capabilities offered Gaggenau insights into content effectiveness. Tracking when and how sales content was engaged allowed Gaggenau to refine their strategy, focusing on what truly resonated with prospects.

This data-driven approach not only optimized content relevance but also empowered the sales team to make informed decisions, enhancing their professionalism and efficiency.

A Testament to Partner Enablement: Gaggenau's Endorsement of Showell

Gaggenau's endorsement of Showell underscores the platform's impact on their sales enablement strategy. By customizing the platform to meet their team's needs, Gaggenau has not only streamlined content management but also elevated the sales experience.

Showell's intuitive and easy-to-integrate solution has proven indispensable for businesses aiming to empower their sales teams, making it a critical tool in Gaggenau's ongoing success and a shining example of effective B2B sales enablement.

Sakura: Navigating Sales Challenges in a Complex Regulatory Landscape

Sakura Finetek, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of laboratory equipment and diagnostic devices, faced significant challenges in managing its sales and marketing processes across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and India.

The company's expansion brought about difficulties in ensuring content compliance with stringent regulatory requirements and maintaining consistent branding and messaging across six languages in the EMEAI region.

This complexity resulted in an inefficient, time-consuming process for Sakura's sales and marketing teams, who struggled to keep sales materials updated and accessible, especially in offline environments like labs and hospitals.

Different sales content materials

Overcoming Sales Process Inefficiencies Showell

To overcome these hurdles, Sakura turned to Showell, a leading B2B sales enablement platform. Showell provided a centralized location for all necessary sales and marketing content, simplifying access and presentation, even offline.

This was crucial for Sakura's teams, often operating in settings without reliable internet access. Furthermore, Showell's Sales content analytics offered invaluable insights into how sales materials were utilized, enabling more effective content management and strategy adjustments.

Simplified Sales Content Management

Showell changed Sakura's approach to B2B sales content management, making the process 10 times more efficient. The platform saved the product marketing team approximately 2-3 days each month on content rollout, updates, communication, and follow-up processes.

This efficiency not only accelerated the sales content management process but also allowed the sales and marketing teams to focus more on strategic initiatives.

Consistent Branding and Regulatory Compliance

One of Sakura's critical pain points was maintaining consistent branding and messaging while adhering to regulatory standards across different regions and languages. Showell addressed this by ensuring that only approved, up-to-date content was accessible, thus achieving brand consistency and compliance with regulatory requirements.

This peace of mind was invaluable for Sakura, enhancing its professional image across the board.

Offline Accessibility and Professional Image

The ability to access and present sales materials offline was a game-changer for Sakura's sales teams. Showell's offline functionality meant that sales representatives could confidently enter meetings in labs and hospitals, knowing they had all necessary materials at their fingertips.

This capability not only improved the efficiency of sales presentations but also significantly boosted Sakura's professional image in the eyes of their clients.




How to Choose the Right B2B Sales Enablement Platform for Your Business

When navigating the vast landscape of B2B sales enablement tools, it's imperative to select a solution that resonates with your team's unique requirements and aligns with your overarching business objectives.

However, evaluating a tool's features and functionalities is just the beginning. Here are several critical factors to consider as part of your decision-making checklist:

Transparent Pricing

Seek out clear and straightforward pricing to avoid paying for features that don't get used. It's vital to understand the different subscription levels, what's included in each, and the limits on users to align with your budget and perform a detailed cost-benefit analysis against other platforms.

Security and Compliance

Opt for providers that follow strict security measures and are compliant with regulations such as GDPR or CCPA. Implementing features like multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) is crucial for safeguarding sensitive data.

Ease of Use

A platform that is intuitive and easy to navigate is non-negotiable. It should facilitate a smooth learning curve and enable rapid adoption by your sales team, allowing them to concentrate on achieving sales targets instead of struggling with complex software.

Onboarding and Training

A commitment to your success is shown through robust onboarding processes and comprehensive training programs. These aspects offer a glimpse into the level of continuous support and customer service you can anticipate.

Support and Customer Success

Dependable customer support is crucial for reducing downtime and sustaining seamless sales activities. A vendor's focus on customer success is indicative of their dedication to forming a lasting partnership and helping you meet your business goals.

Multi-language Support

For businesses with a global presence, support for multiple languages is essential to boost adoption rates and user satisfaction, ensuring sales representatives can leverage the platform in their language of choice.

Selecting the right B2B sales enablement platform involves looking beyond mere feature comparison. It requires a comprehensive evaluation of pricing transparency, security protocols, ease of use, support structures, and language support to guarantee an ideal match for your team's needs and business aims.

Why Choose Showell as Your B2B Sales Enablement Partner

At the heart of Showell's capabilities is its proficiency in streamlining and centralizing the management and dissemination of sales content. This feature is crucial for sales and marketing teams worldwide, enabling seamless collaboration and operational efficiency. Showell's platform is designed to reflect your brand's essence and supports all devices, offering both web and native app versions with the added advantage of offline functionality.

Showell distinguishes itself as a premier B2B sales enablement app, celebrated for its extensive features and competitive pricing, which begins at an accessible rate of $0/month per person for its free plan. This pricing model ensures that Showell is accessible to companies of all sizes, from emerging startups to large multinational corporations.

Engineered to integrate effortlessly with your existing marketing and sales ecosystems, Showell facilitates connections with widely-used tools like Google Workspace, SharePoint/Teams, Dropbox, and others. You can learn more about our integrations here. 

For global enterprises seeking to streamline their operations and elevate their sales processes, Showell offers a modern, straightforward, and user-friendly solution. Interested businesses can try Showell for free or arrange a demo with B2B sales enablement specialists to experience its full potential firsthand.

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