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Jan 20226 min read

How Sales Training Translates to Profits

When it comes to nabbing a sale, you need every advantage, leg up, and upper hand you can get to have the edge. While some might claim to have the secret sauce to being a killer salesperson, the truth is a simple one. The more thoroughly trained you are, the better you sell! Training is essential to building up a salesperson's 'mojo'.

It's the be-all, end-all of good salesmanship.


Not only is training necessary for refreshing your sales team's memory, but it can also help redefine marketing tactics, unlock new skills in communications, expose salespeople to new methodologies and, most importantly, if you're working with dealers, instill brand loyalty.

This doesn't mean sending your sales network a new 30-page handbook every year. Print outs tend to end up as coffee coasters, if they haven’t been sent straight to the bin. Instead, it would be best to take advantage of more digitally savvy mediums to upgrade your training. Here's the how, what, and why.

Why Continual Training Matters

Want an edge over your competitors? Then train your sales staff. It's a simple return on investment! People often get stuck in their same old spiels when selling. Still, business is dynamic, so your salespeople have to pivot with the times.

Training allows you to help address any emerging consumer needs, technology, or changes in the law.

On top of that, mistakes cost you. We can't say how much exactly, but let's say it isn't worth the risk. Providing the wrong quote, a USP that doesn't exist or simply blanking on a sales pitch does no good. Sales training can help nip that in the bud and ensure product fluency. This is a two birds one stone kind of deal, as training can help bolster morale and invest in an individual member’s growth.


Now let's look at your dealer networks. When it comes to them, you're constantly pushing to be top of mind, right? Create a win-win situation, by helping them communicate with prospects better and they’ll instinctively put your brand first. While you're at it, you can make sure your sales reps know your business far better than they do your competitors. 

Last but not least, training helps create a better customer experience overall. It can ensure salespeople talk the talk and walk the walk. Prospects can sniff out an unconvincing pitch from a mile away, which doesn't leave a good taste in their mouths. Salespeople are not there to parrot information, they have to know how to build a solid repertoire on top of selling, and by doing so, you'll have a happy customer who'll take you right to the bank!

Alternative Approaches To Training Your Sales Team


Training is not a one size fits all kind of hat. Some people will respond better to one form of training over another. But we can all agree that training should be engaging, proactive and informative. To a degree, training should be personalized and must have a clear goal in mind that taps into valuable content.

So, to maximize your approach, it's good to have several channels in order to prime salespeople effectively.

Here are some training methodologies to consider:

Hybrid Training

This kind of training involves both in-person and remote sessions. Everyone's been in a meeting that's run-on way too long, and extended training can also feel like a drag. By providing a hybrid format that segments sessions, your team can avoid burnout. Beyond that, this format lends itself to information being presented in a myriad of ways, which can help with information retention.

Buddy or Mentor System

Pairing the newbie on the team with a seasoned veteran allows for real-world experience in sales, which has more lasting effects than any instructional pamphlet. This can help answer any lingering questions that may be best-discussed salesperson to salesperson. This kind of training helps with newcomers but can also help reframe the art of selling to seasoned team members on the job.


Micro Training

Another way to avoid information overload is to offer micro-training sessions that last no longer than 5 minutes. This can be done through brief morning meetings, videos, podcasts, checklists, or a highly visual presentation. This is useful as people's attention spans are lower than ever! When done daily, helpful information can be dispensed quickly, while the use of repetition and short bursts help drill in the messaging.

When you consider training methods, take advantage of new formats that can be easily accessible on any device, creating a diverse toolkit for training.

Opt for e-learning tools like the ones mentioned above so that you can also track engagement with tools like Showell, which not only help deliver training but help you refine it! 

Annual Sales Kick-Offs

Annual sales kick-offs are also effective in training and coaching your sales team for several reasons. They allow reps to come together and learn about new products, sales strategies, and company goals. This can help representatives stay motivated and on top of their game throughout the year. Additionally, kick-offs can be an excellent opportunity for reps to network with their peers and learn from others' experiences. This can help them pick up new techniques and best practices that can help them perform even better. Overall, sales kick-offs are a great way to align the entire sales team and get everyone on the same page, which can lead to increased productivity and success for both sellers and the company. Here are practical tips for organizing a Kick-Ass Sales Kick-Off for your whole sales teams. 

How to help your businesses to train well, sell better

Empower your customer-facing team from the get-go with the best tools to stay ready and be at their best. Showell empowers your sales and marketing teams by centralizing sales, training, and onboarding collaterals. A smooth and uniform onboarding process means salespeople can get the gist far quicker by having a more structured, accessible ecosystem of content.

Showell allows all relevant parties to access the latest content with the most recent information, so no outdated presentations are there to muddy the waters. When it comes to continuous training, it shouldn't only be mandated when mistakes are made. Instead, it should be a regular occurrence, supported by a portal for people to educate themselves on occasion.

Don’t underestimate the importance of aggregating content. Showell unifies your sales message with a push of a button, no matter how large your networks are.

88% of our clients say that Showell actively helps unify their sales messaging. Plus, it's accessible from absolutely anywhere, even if your data plan has run out for the month!

With our app, your sales collateral are instantly ready no matter if your dealer is pitching down a mine shaft or in a boardroom.


Best of all, you unlock the valuable power of data. Track your sales network's progression and development with tools and content they engage with most. This also extends to your customer base, you can understand what USP's mean the most to them, and which marketing materials made them bite the bullet. Use Showell's wealth of data to drive sales in ways you’ve never considered.

We've seen it firsthand– the issue of having to deal with silos, inconsistent onboarding, and content not being used by your team. We made a solution with these pain points in mind.

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