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Jun 2022 7 min read

Sell Better: Coaching Your Dealer Networks

Dealing with your internal sales team is one thing, dealer networks that operate outside of your company's work culture is a whole other kettle of fish! The task is even more challenging if the network also represents other brands, which is relatively common. You have less visibility of their sales funnel, you're also likely in the dark about what materials they use to sell, if they create their own collaterals, how they represent your brand to prospects and their general communication style. It's a lot of hoping and just praying for the best!

This can be concerning because everyone's sales readiness is likely on varying levels. It can be challenging to collaborate with networks, particularly when it comes to onboarding and the day-to-day workflow. These issues create even more of a headache when you're dealing with scattered content over several different countries, teams and networks. So, where does it end?

5 Ways To Create Consistency and Sales Readiness within Dealer Networks

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It's all about putting the right tools and processes in place. That's everything from the content they use to how they pitch to prospects. When your sales network looks good, naturally, so will you! They are an extension of your business, so you have to kit them out with suitable methodologies to ensure your success. Here are 5 ways to create consistency within dealer networks and ensure their sales readiness.

Start with content distribution

It's vital to ensure that only the most current marketing and sales materials are available, with no outdated content clogging up the pipes. Content should live and be shared from one place only to eliminate communication gaps. Even if you have a dealer in France and one in Korea, these networks should be updated simultaneously in the same content hub. This helps to increase content usage across the board and put an end to off-brand dealer-created content!

Along with keeping your content hub clean, salespeople always need new materials to sell with. They'll naturally gravitate towards your brand if you regularly serve fresh collaterals on a platter.

With tools like Showell, you can even analyze and track data, including how your content was received, used, and viewed.

Onboard networks under the same platform:

You should onboard and train your dealer networks within your content hub. This gives them instant access to all the right tools, including resources to communicate with prospects, and content that bolsters their skills. Practices like these help align everybody across the globe and ensure consistent messaging. 

This also gives sales networks the resources to get up to speed with your sales-readiness standards, getting them on script with training resources that benefit their pitching abilities in the long run. Never forget that training is an investment that will pay your company back tenfold and  helps to keep you top of mind with dealers!


When it comes to honing how you sell, here's 5 best practices on how to get your sales network in tip-top shape and preferring your brand to others.



Allow dealers to customize pitches just enough

While brand consistency is crucial, you must know when to let your salespeople put on their personal touches. By doubling down on the personal factor, you could create stronger client relationships that increase sales. So, be sure to allow your networks to customize where needed, without letting them go wild and totally off-brand. This can be done through templates, mix and match presentation tools and a branded digital salesroom.

Give them all the right tools to sell well

Sales readiness isn't all about tangible knowledge but the gear to make it happen. Your sales network can significantly benefit from digital tools that make selling more effective. Tools like a branded salesroom to present and share in all formats, like PDF, augmented reality, and movable renderings.

Even a simple function like presenting offline can make selling a more intuitive experience, particularly if they are in an internet dead zone. Content should also always be easily accessible with the click of a button, with no download from a 3rd party app, just instant access for both distributors and customers.

Data for everyone

Data greases the wheels of any good sales funnel. Not only should you be providing dealers with insights into their prospects and the market as a whole, but you should also be collecting it for your own purposes. By leveraging data, you get guidance on every aspect of the sales funnel to help bolster sales and marketing efforts. Keep tabs on different dealers and markets to understand who's making the most significant impact.

In fact, 92% of business leaders say that Showell helps them to lead and monitor sales better!


Curious about how sales enablement works? We've made a guide about it, but you can also try it for free!



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