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Streamline sales and marketing with better data
Nov 20225 min read

Sales Content Analytics, Simplified: What You Can Uncover in the Data

Sales Content Analytics is a critical part of any modern B2B sales strategy execution. In this blog post, we explore in practice how content tracking and analytics can help you to streamline your operations and create impactful content that resonates with your prospects. 

Data-led Marketing and Sales Content

Sales Content Analytics should be a part of your strategy for improving your sales collateral. Make no mistake, in the modern B2B sales landscape whether you're a sales leader or marketer, your content is king! You can think of it as a form of currency that buys your prospect's much-coveted attention. Impactful and resonant content is a bridge that allows your sales team to deliver strong messages to your prospects at every stage of the sales journey.

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These touchpoints can make or break the deal. Keep in mind your competitors are on the same playing field, vying for your prospects' attention too. So, if the content is currency, tracking how your sales content is used and consumed gets you the most bang for your buck, right?

Without Data, You're Basically Shooting in the Dark

Having an overview of how that content affects your team's pitch should be a critical part of your game plan. Your content is only as strong as the impact it makes, and if you do not measure how your prospect engages, shares, or even opens your content, how will you know? Without data, you're essentially shooting in the dark when you could be shooting fish in a barrel. This is why Showell's content tracking and analytics is built into our platform.

The ability to see which content is being used by your sales network and what's turning prospects away can help you streamline operations. Showell empowers you to double down on what works and scrap what doesn't —that's our promise, no more building content in the dark. Here is how we help to bolster your content with data.

Showell sales content analytics helps you to create better sales content

1. Content Analytics

While your marketing teams craft the content, your distributors may have a great insight into what works best for them in the sales environment. You could ask them and they might give you some estimates or assumptions, but data leaves no stone unturned. Showell's Content Analytics collates insights like page views, average and total duration spent viewing the materials, shares, downloads, and a summary of search terms. 

This way, you know what content is being used most frequently and what it is precisely that captures your prospect's attention, down to the content they linger on most. As you might have already experienced, when you send sales materials through email, you can only cross your fingers hoping for the best as to what happens to that content. "Did they open or download the attachment?", "I hope they shared that really important file with the stakeholder!". By using sales content analytics, you have precise data on content interactions and get your answers in real time. 

Showell Content Analytics tracking shares

2. Share Analytics

Here you have an overview of every document interaction, like when it was shared and by who, how many files and recipients were included, times opened, last opened, view times, and downloads. This is particularly beneficial when a new stakeholder or decision-maker gets involved in the sales conversation. These data points are insightful and empower your team to personalize sales materials, making informed content decisions that allow the sales experience to align with your customer's needs.

3. Track the Activity of Your Salespeople

Beyond that, Showell's User Analytics gathers relevant internal team data, like how much time your sales representatives spent in the Showell App or how many times they shared content and how many views it got. Because being informed doesn't just stop at your end customers; keep up to date with what's happening internally within your sales and dealer networks to help set KPIs and track conversion rates. Sales content analytics also helps your marketing teams understand which materials are no longer used or need further improvement to adapt to market trends.

4. See Team, Department, or Country Usage

On top of that, Showell's Group Analytics delivers an overview of sessions and document views across each arm of your business, everyone from your customer success department to the marketing and management teams.

Track sales team, department, or country-level usageNot only does tracking your sales content enable you to produce and share the best and most relevant content for your customers continually, but it helps provide the best sales and marketing materials that salespeople actually want to use. Work smarter to make a more significant impact, with less wasted time on strategies that don't serve your business.

Uncover insights you otherwise wouldn’t have, like issues with sales tactics or presentation lengths, most importantly you can test new content avenue theories and get a definitive answer.

With Showell, data on how content is engaged with, shared, and consumed is easily accessible for everyone within your company and sales networks to use, creating a holistic experience that gives everyone the best possible chance to sell well, connecting your gathered insights with actionable outcomes.

We've seen it – the issue of having to deal with silos, inconsistent onboarding, and content not being used by your team. Showell adds structure that enables you to sell and market yourself to the best ability. We made a solution with these pain points in mind. Showell is an award-winning tool made to centralize all sales collateral for ease of onboarding, present with ease and assurance that you will have nothing but updated content, data to track engagement and activity to understand your prospects better, and so much more. To find out more, you can request a demo.

Get Showell and See How Your Content is Used

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Showell is an award-winning sales enablement platform to manage, present, share and track your sales content. We help you and your team provide the right content at the right time to your buyers. Share materials easily with your team, business partners, and customers. Get data-driven insights and build a winning sales content mix to engage your buyers.

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