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Jun 2022 4 min read

The Content Your Salespeople Actually Need

Anyone in B2B sales knows that content is your currency. It's like a brand with a catchy slogan, something to remember you by. It's one of the most essential tools you have in your arsenal, which is why your sales network will rely so heavily on it.

We are visual creatures, after all! So, your content has to hit all the markers and paint a pretty picture for clients to hold in their minds.

Sales representatives rely on fresh content to come in frequently to help drive the conversation, answer questions, and create credibility when making a sale. Without it, they have a gun without bullets. You might argue that your existing content should be enough to seal the deal, but as habits and trends evolve, so too does the sales landscape. It's crucial to refresh, renew and reinvigorate your content to keep things lively.

The Problems Salespeople Face When It Comes To Content

Proficient young male employee with eyeglasses and checkered shirt, explaining a business analysis displayed on the monitor of a desktop PC to his female colleague, in the interior of a modern office

Your salespeople likely face several issues when it comes to getting the content they need. It probably starts with a misalignment within sales and marketing, or worse yet, no alignment within sales itself. This could mean that the messaging within any collateral misses the mark and is not resonating with a prospect's pain points. If this problem goes on long enough, it could lead to salespeople creating their own material and causing irreparable damage. While they may feel that's helpful to your business, it could dilute brand messaging and damage brand perception.

In the same vein, representatives may feel they have their hands tied and have no room to personalize content at all! Meaning pitches feel far too generic for prospects or lack real relevance.

It is essential that content speaks to the right people over more than just a single pitch.

Content is a great way to keep a door open for a stubborn client waiting to put in a big order. By offering them valuable content, you can sway them one way without being too pushy.

While you may have a wealth of content ready to be used, you may find your salespeople still aren't leveraging it. This issue is far more common than you’d think. Luckily, while it's a widespread issue, it does have a simple fix. Scattered content is as good as no content, so naturally, you need an intelligent content hub with easy access and sales enablement tools built into it!


Unsure if you're experiencing data blindspots? Check out our Sales Enablement Guide and get ahead of your competitors!



The Simple Solution With Showell

Showell creates greater alignment across sales and marketing by collecting data to inform the content creation process. Don't keep creating content in a bubble or turn a blind eye to industry shifts. Allow data to pave the way and generate clarity across departments. If not, your content blind spots will only come to bite you in the end. With data you can understand what prospects interacted with most and build on that momentum.

Most importantly, with Showell, you can organize your content into buckets, for example by stages in the sales funnel, region, and languages. All the content in the world isn't helpful if it isn't organized accordingly and accessible at a moment's notice; therefore, organization should be a priority.


If you're worried about the state of your content, this is precisely where your company should start. It's essential to have the structure for success in place before you begin refining the content itself because if your sales representatives find it annoying or cumbersome to find your collaterals, they simply won't.

Showell also helps you manage the line between on-brand content and materials that speak to prospects, empowering your salespeople to customize presentations in a controlled environment with simple drag and drop tools.

It's not just about the right content but the workflow you create for your salespeople! Everything from how they present online to sharing files digitally  needs to be thoughtfully curated, which is why Showell has a Digital Sales Room built right into it. On top of that, Showell helps create efficiencies and alignment every step of the way, whether you're working with several networks or a smaller 4-person team.


Eliminate the hassle of managing content in silos. Centralize, organize, synchronize, and authorize your sales collateral with Showell!



With a streamlined sales enablement tool like this, you'll see an increase in content usage, find it far easier to onboard new team members and prepare new hires for the sales game faster. We've seen it – the issue of having to deal with silos, inconsistent onboarding, and content not being used by your team. We made a solution with these pain points in mind.

Showell is an award-winning tool made to centralize all sales collateral for ease of onboarding, present with ease and assurance that you will have nothing but updated content, data to track engagement and activity to understand your prospects better, and so much more. Find out more and try Showell by requesting a demo.