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What Is Sales Enablement?

Empower your sales team with content, tools and know-how they need to succeed. Improve value of every customer-facing meeting.

What Is Sales Enablement

After a quick google search it is clear that there are as many definitions for Sales Enablement as there are companies doing it. In short Sales Enablement is a company wide collaborative discipline that aims to increase sales by adding value in every customer interaction.

To add value in every customer interaction you have to empower the sales team with the content, tools and know-how needed to succeed.

Sales Enablement is About Customer Experience

Sales Enablement is not only a Sales function, nor a Marketing function. It is a discipline that covers all customer-facing departments. The primary goal of these departments should be to engage and to add value to the customer throughout the customer journey. By aligning your sales process with the buyer’s journey, customer experience and customer success become the foundation of your sales efforts. Engaging with the customer is essential in Sales Enablement, so it makes sense for customer experience to become the heart of your business.

Where does Sales Enablement come from?

I had a meeting with Nancy Nardin, a Sales technology expert, and founder of Smart Selling Tools about the past, the present and the future of Sales Enablement. She has worked in technology sales her entire career and, studies the use and adoption of sales technology. Her view is that Sales Enablement was born from the need to ensure salespeople had the right knowledge to talk about products and services in a compelling way. Companies began training salespeople more often and certifying them on their knowledge and skills. More and more content was developed to support the training and certification process.

Sales Enablement has grown a lot since then, but content and training are still at its core. To empower your salespeople to engage with the customer you have to provide them the relevant content and train the skills needed in the different steps of the buyer’s journey.

Where does Showell fit in the Sales Enablement field?

Our Sales Enablement platform is centered around content. We provide a content management platform for sales management and a sales presentation app for salespeople. We focus on enabling the sales organization by offering them the best tools for content management and face-to-face sales.

So why is content management so important? According to research conducted by CSO Insights, organizations that use centralized content management methods reach higher win rates than those who use email or multiple systems to share sales content. The same goes for content strategy. Organizations that follow a content strategy reach higher win rates and build deeper customer relationships, than companies with weaker strategies.

Showell helps you to manage your content better and therefore to sell better.

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