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Showell has tens of thousands of users in +100 countries from a wide range of industries. Showell streamlines regional and global compliance for organizations of any size.

Case Stories

"Everything is in one place and it works like a charm"

Valtra tractors have won numerous awards and they are sold in around 75 countries around the world. It is the #1 tractor brand in Scandinavia. Valtra is a part of American AGCO Corporation.

"Professional tool for professional sales people"

Tana is a forerunner in cutting-edge waste management machines and technologies. Tana has sales and service activities in over 70 countries.

"The co-coperation with Showell has been excellent"

Fredman’s mission is to make commercial kitchens intelligent, high-quality, efficient and safe. Fredman is  internationally renowned for significant technological solutions for professional kitchens.

"Showell is super easy to use and looks professional"

Kekkilä-BVB is the European leader in horticulture. They provide products and services for professional greenhouse growers, consumers and landscapers in over 100 countries worldwide.

"We wonder how we ever survived without Showell"

Jokipiin Pellava is over 100 years old family business in the 3rd generation. They manufacture flax textiles out of which over 90% is sold to businesses for their personnel and business gifts.

"Showell is easy to use, fast and it looks great!

Steripolar offers innovative medical technology, new treatments for patient care, high quality durables, medical devices and capital equipment to health care sector.

"Showell shows people, that we are going for the future"

Sleipner is made for moving and carrying. Their innovativeproducts are ready to face mobilization challenges in the global mining, quarrying and earthmoving industries.

"Showell makes you look professional, life easy and salesmen happy"

Talenom is an accounting company that truly cares about its clients and serves them in simple language, providing traditional services in a modern way.

"Showell is really visual, fast and easy to use"

Lumene is a Finnish manufacturer of cosmetics. Lumene’s inspiration comes from the Nordic approach to wellbeing and beauty. Blend of resilience, mindfulness and harmony with nature deeply rooted.

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